Fl. Gov. Scott outlines statewide election reforms

Governor Rick Scott released the following statement, outlining his call for election reforms after a briefing with Secretary of State Ken Detzner:

early voting“I asked Secretary Detzner to meet with election supervisors following the November election to identify specific ways we can fix the problems we saw in some counties with long lines and delayed reporting. Our ultimate goal must be to restore Floridians’ confidence in our election system. I asked Sec. Detzner for a report with specific election reform recommendations, because I want to ensure we do whatever possible to improve our election system from the statewide level.

“In short, these reforms need to address the three major areas I have previously outlined. We need shorter ballots. We need more early voting days, which should include an option of the Sunday before Election Day. And, we need more early voting locations.  From my briefing with Sec. Detzner today, I believe all these reforms are strongly supported by the input and experiences of local election supervisors and others that the department met with for ideas on improving our current system – a system clearly in need of improvement.

“The detail of these three overarching reforms will include, but is not limited to, the following:

  •  More Early Voting Days – Increase the number of days available for early voting. We should allow Supervisors of Elections the flexibility to offer anywhere between eight and 14 days of early voting. Hours of operation should range between six and 12 hours a day.  This should include the Sunday before Election Day, allowing Supervisors the option to accommodate the needs of their community as they requested in committee meetings this week.  This would also allow the greatest access to early voting ever in Florida history – at up to 168 hours.
  •  More Early Voting Locations – Work with Supervisors to allow more and larger early voting locations to help reduce wait times, long lines, and to better convenience voters.
  •  Shorter Ballot – Reduce the length of the ballot, including the description of proposed constitutional amendments.

“I appreciate the secretary’s work in support of our goal to give all Floridians confidence in the fairness and accessibility of our election system.  We must continually push to make improvements, and I look forward to working with the Legislature on a bi-partisan bill to implement these reforms this session.  I also appreciate the Legislature and the Supervisors of Elections for their feedback in committee meetings this week. As the Legislature continues its work, I look forward to working together to craft legislation that will ensure successful elections by making these important statewide reforms.”


15 thoughts on “Fl. Gov. Scott outlines statewide election reforms

  1. Leslie says:

    Why are you trying to perpetuate that "voter fraud" myth? Did you happen to see those long lines and the complicated and long proposals on the ballot? This was an overt attempt at voter suppression and it failed.

    You, Joseph, are lying about people voting more than once. We could hardly vote once because of the corruption in this State. The whole country knows it, hell, the whole world knows it.

  2. Linda says:

    If you worked with True the Vote or were a poll watcher, you saw the cheating. Unfortunately, that cheating may also cost this Governor his reelection. They are not taking this seriously. Very disappointed not to see any reforms on ID's, etc. In my community I went through the voter rolls and our SOE is not purging and nobody in the state is checking on that except for volunteers. Please go to Truethevote.org and sign up. They need your help. We ARE NOT having honest elections in Florida.

  3. CelticNana says:

    When precincts report 108% of their registered voters voted, people were allowed to vote without showing a valid photo ID, and people were allowed to register and vote on the same day (long after the deadline for registering to vote had ended) that tells me we have deeper problems than the length of the ballots and how many days we can early vote. I have never missed an opportunity to vote in any local, state or federal election, but after reading about all of the election fraud and the corruption of our elected officials, I see no reason to waste my time bothering to vote anymore. I suspect the reason why our elections are no longer fair or honest is because the politicians don't want them to be. Some of them need election fraud in order to keep being re-elected.

  4. Big Dem says:

    In other countries the vote is on one day, even where there is little to no electricity, few people have automobiles and roads are undrivable, and poverty is the norm. In europe elections often are held on Christmaas Day because everyone has it off. What has happened to America? We all have access to transportation, everyone has a cell phone, AC and cablevision, but they supposedly can't get to the polls to vote because of some sort or interference? They sure have no apparent difficulty getting to the malls!

    This is all somke and mirrors designed to get us to abandon common sense so cultural and social mores and traditions can be stood on their collective ears. Once society is topsy turvy the Progressives can impliment their vision of utopia…which is European-styled socialism (which, by the way, has produced 25% unemployment and bankrupt nations with riots as the chief product of the EU). We are not fooled. Concentrate on common sense, Rick! One day of voting, early voting for one week, and absentee ballot after signing an affidavit swearing you will be away on election day, all WITH a photo ID and registration with proof of citizenship 30 days in advance of an election.

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