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Sen. Rubio criticizes Obama’s use of children as props

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marco-rubio-interviewWhile appearing on the Laura Ingraham radio show just before the scheduled press conference where President Obama unveiled his actions to reduce gun violence, U.S. Senator Marco Rubio offered harsh criticism of the decision to have children present as the proposals are being announced, as noted by The Hill.

“I think ultimately he has a right to do that, and I understand he has a right to do that,” Rubio said. “I think most of us would have preferred if it just had been a straightforward address to the country because it implies that somehow those of us who do not agree with his public policy prescriptions don’t equally care about children.”

The Obama administration had children who wrote to the president in response to the shooting massacre in Newtown, Connecticut at the press conference.

Reacting to renewed calls for an assault-weapons ban, Rubio said the effort was “completely misplaced” and explained that “there is a constitutional right to bear arms.”

“If they want to change the Constitution, if they want to believe the Second Amendment should not be in there or if they believe it should be rewritten in the 21st century then let them have the guts to stand up and propose that.”

“But until they do that, Rubio continued, “then they’ve got to abide by it. And if you’re going to pass a bunch of laws that are not going to work but are going to infringe on the Second Amendment right of law abiding citizens you’re going to have a problem with that.”

In a statement released later Wednesday, Rubio warned that Obama’s use of executive power was troubling.

“Making matters worse is that President Obama is again abusing his power by imposing his policies via executive fiat instead of allowing them to be debated in Congress,” he said. “President Obama’s frustration with our republic and the way it works doesn’t give him license to ignore the Constitution.”


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