O’Keefe video: Gun control advocates asked to put ‘Gun Free Zone’ signs in yard

Project Veritas has a new video out targeting gun control, which it views as a contentious topic being driven by a hypocritical media on the back of a national tragedy, according to comments posted on its web site.

The 501(c)3 organization was founded by James O’Keefe, who’s best known for his 2009 ACORN investigation, which exposed systematic corruption in multiple offices, such as the facilitation of child prostitution, human trafficking and tax evasion. The U.S. House and Senate promptly voted to defund ACORN and the U.S. Census cut ties with the group. The organization was ultimately forced to disband.

In their latest investigation, they explore just how hypocritical the members of the press are.  While the video is entertaining, it is also very telling as to the state of our media.

“Our nation’s children spend the majority of their week within schools that are starkly emblazoned with signs that read ‘Gun Free Zone’, O’Keefe states. “Project Veritas put that same concept to the test with some of America’s most fervent advocates for gun control.”


4 thoughts on “O’Keefe video: Gun control advocates asked to put ‘Gun Free Zone’ signs in yard

  1. roger adams says:

    these idiots need to take a look at things, the police can't protect the people now ,if you let a criminal know that ther are no guns in the home ect you are making yourself a target. hope you can protect yourself with a time out to the criminal while i call 911

    1. A. Rampersad says:

      Excellent expose of the hypocrisy of the Obama-media machine!!

  2. JulieR says:

    No takers. What a surprise – Not!

  3. JPVnTN says:

    Our country's elected officials are chillingly similar to the ruling elite of Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, but about half of our citizens have no idea what those countries were, where they were, or what they did thanks to our liberal educators.

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