NRA video: ‘Are the president’s kids more important than yours?’

The NRA has released a new video in response to criticism to the organization’s CEO, Wayne LaPierre, suggesting armed guards be put in all schools. 

“President Obama’s skepticism over NRA’s proposal to put armed security in schools ― when he and his friends already send their children to schools with armed guards ― is just the latest example of elitist hypocrisy,” the NRA says of the video.

This is the launch of the “Stand and Fight” campaign with more videos to be released soon. See the first here:



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Cheryl Carpenter Klimek

Cheryl Carpenter Klimek

Cheryl Carpenter Klimek has been a political consultant handling public affairs, political campaigns and PAC management for nearly 20 years.
Cheryl Carpenter Klimek


6 thoughts on “NRA video: ‘Are the president’s kids more important than yours?’

  1. Tom from NYC says:

    This ad has to be one of the most ridiculous pieces of garbage I have ever seen in my whole life. No one wants to take away people's guns. Heaven forbid. But how many more people have to die in this country before someone, somewhere – does someTHING. It's time.

    1. Freedom Warrior says:

      What rock are you living under Tom? Have you even listened to Dianne Feinstein or Barrack Obama? The someTHING is allowing our schools to use armed guards to protect our children! There are thousands of retired police, military, and trained citizens that would voluntarily stand guard at our schools.

      But, it is not about security for our children… it never has been for this administration and the socialist/marxist left… it is about control over "We The People". If they confiscate our guns (even a little at a time), soon the government will have nothing to fear and we will no longer be citizens with a government that answers to us, but we will be subjects in a kingdom, unable to defend ourselves from a tyrant king.

  2. Average Middle Class says:

    Agreed! The president's children are prime targets to the world's scum – not some average citizens child. Yes, all human life is precious, but come on! Armed guards at schools is not the answer. Banning assault weapons is not the answer. People like Freedom Warrior talks about tyrant kings and all that other rhetorical BS the extreme right throws out. We as a country are too lenient on the mentally challenged and background checks. I am 100% behind the second amendment. I am also 100% for background checks at every gun show, place of sale, etc. People in prison for gun crimes don't care about laws when obtaining a gun. This is where we lack on tougher laws for those that choose to go around the system. 911 will not protect my family if an intruder comes into my house. This is where my right to bear arms comes into play. And on the subject of "police, military, and trained citizens" volunteering to stand guard, we in America can't even get enough crossing guards (paid positions mind you) to work crosswalks near our schools for our children! Talk about living under a rock…

  3. Brenda says:

    Tom from NYC then dont watch the video, go back to drinking your kool-aid

    Average Middle class guy….MY CHILDREN are not just average anything….they are as important to me as Obama's are to him…and in the inner cities, they are just as much a target.

  4. Postallady18 says:

    All Children are important.

    My children are the Air I Breath, without them I am nothing. He is really living above others on our money. I'm not saying he shouldn't be treated with respect and look admirable but he to is just a man speaking other men's words. It seems he's not so much worried about job's we need and prosperity, but changing our constitution and helping countries that kill our soldiers. He should focus on the people who make America what it is today and yesterday. This man has let his power go to his head. The next four years don't have to be sad and making us wonder what's to come. We need to speak up and remember We The People Own The United States, not him.

  5. jj says:

    We The People voted him president and no one said he owned the united states that was just you. This ad is so stupid and irrelevant to all things. People are dragging his kids into politics that's just sick

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