Texas Gov. Rick Perry ‘disgusted’ by left’s use of massacred little children

Texas Gov. Rick Perry released the following statement regarding President Obama’s executive actions announced Wednesday: “The Vice President’s committee was appointed in response to the tragedy at Newtown, […]

nra video elitist
NRA video: ‘Are the president’s kids more important than yours?’

The NRA has released a new video in response to criticism to the organization’s CEO, Wayne LaPierre, suggesting armed guards be put in all schools.  “President Obama’s skepticism over NRA’s […]

Doctors ask patients about gun ownership under Obama’s plan

President Barack Obama held a news conference Wednesday morning to announce 23 executive actions he would be taking to address the issue of gun violence. Number 16 […]

Sen. Rubio criticizes Obama’s use of children as props

While appearing on the Laura Ingraham radio show just before the scheduled press conference where President Obama unveiled his actions to reduce gun violence, U.S. Senator Marco […]

Obama king
Obama’s list of 23 executive orders for gun control

The following list of the 23 executive actions President Obama plans to take to reduce gun violence was provided by the White House Wednesday. It was released […]

Tom Rooney
Rep. Tom Rooney announces his new congressional committee assignments

Media Release: I am proud to announce that in the next Congress, I will serve on the House Appropriations Committee. As a member of the Appropriations Committee, […]

PETA Poster
PETA calls for hunting ban as a part of gun control

The Obama administration announced that the president is willing to sign executive orders as early as Wednesday to put gun control in place. On Tuesday, People for […]

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PB County Commission meeting filled with drama, rants against business

It may be a new year – with two new county commissioners on the dais – but some things haven’t changed.  Personality clashes and rants against developers […]

Progressives’ gun control argument dishonest

Once again, conservatives have latched onto the bait tossed out by progressives in their never-ending campaign to grab guns from the hands of law-abiding citizens. Gun control […]

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Congress finally offers glimmer of hope for broken immigration system

The 2012 election is over and, although nothing much has changed in Washington, there is a glimmer of hope Congress will finally address a constant problem: immigration […]

Rick Scott’s returned dog dominates news cycle

As reported yesterday, much ado has been made over the ‘disappearance’ of Gov. Rick Scott’s rescued Labrador retriever, aptly named Reagan. With tongue firmly planted in cheek, […]

O’Keefe video: Gun control advocates asked to put ‘Gun Free Zone’ signs in yard

Project Veritas has a new video out targeting gun control, which it views as a contentious topic being driven by a hypocritical media on the back of a […]