Palm Beach County Tea Party announces new leadership

Media Release:

With the start of the new year the Palm Beach County Tea Party (PBCTP) announced a new leadership team.

At its first meeting of 2013 Michael Riordan, Dominique Feldman, Laura Hanley and Marion Frank were introduced as the new president, communications director, Jupiter chapter leader and Wellington chapter leaders.

The team laid out their goals for the future of the PBCTP.

Citing the Tea Party as a critical movement for a healthy, fiscally responsible country, the group plans to move forward with the organization’s traditional beliefs, but understands they must be communicated more effectively.

PBCTP also plans to restructure internally in order to meet the demands of the growing organization.

Riordan, an active leader in the Palm Beach County Young Republican’s Club, said he looks forward to his new role.

“We must work with other groups, together, without ego or quarrel . . . for united we WILL stand,” Riordan said.

Feldman, a member of the Black Republican Caucus of Palm Beach County and Today’s Federated Republican Women’s Club, also spoke to members at the Jupiter meeting about her conservative values and the hardships that come with staying true to those values in the African American Community.

“No matter what walk of life we come from, The Tea Party does not stand for only 53% or 99% of America. We are in favor of 100% of Americans striving and succeeding, being productive and strong,” explained Feldman.

The Tea Party’s three core values consist of fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government and the strength of the free market system. The mission of the PBCTP includes affecting public policy in a consistent manner with its core values, working with like-minded groups and attracting, educating, organizing and activating people to become involved in civic affairs.

Riordan offered information on his background:


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