Mindless Jews, the most dangerous enemy to Israel

We are all aware of the anti-Israel propaganda and U.S. influence pouring out from radical Muslims and their organizations. We know who they are, their goals and purposes. They want to destroy support for Israel among the American people, our electorate and legislators. Our country is the last ally of the beleaguered Jewish state. And from the top office down to our local officials, they have been extremely successful. Look at the overt actions of U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former Sens. George Mitchell and John Kerry, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and U.S. Ambassador Howard Gutman. Since our foreign policy drips down from the top, President Obama rules the roost and is the team coach in these matters.

robert wexlerBut I want to focus on the most dangerous element we supporters of Israel face — the fifth column from within the Jewish community itself. These include well-organized and -funded groups such as J Street, Rabbis for Human Rights, Americans for Peace Now, Jewish Voice for Peace and  former Congressman Robert Wexler’s group, the Center for Middle East Peace. They constantly inundate the Jewish community with fictional accounts of Israel brutality against the “poor” Palestinians. They supported the notorious Goldstone report, which poisoned the already-radical Jewish liberal community to further push for Israeli concessions to Palestinian terror. Slick, well-done, simple visuals such as one from the Jewish Voice for Peace influence younger people to condemn the only democratic state in the Middle East.

These dangerous voices must be silenced by a strong, fearless, factual campaign that thoroughly repudiates these destructive forces. Many Jews who read and view only the liberal media are taken in by the flood of propaganda emanating from these “hate Israel” sources. It is our job to enter this battle knowing that the forces facing us are evil, dangerous, vicious, powerful and well-funded. We must stand up to their front-line troops of radical rabbis, commentators and elected representatives and spread the word of truth to our communities about the end goals of these people — the eradication of Israel from the face of this Earth. We must do it in our homes, synagogues, communities and in the media. With our own president’s green light to Iran, we don’t have too much time. Get to work!


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