Hundreds of black widow spiders in shipments from AZ to England

spiderA company in Norfolk, England received more than the container of tires they were expecting from Arizona this week. For the second time since mid-December, the shipment from Arizona contained hundreds of black widow spiders: a mommy, daddy and their nest of hatched babies in transit is what the health and safety boss at Fendercare Marine, Mark Cook suspects probably happened. Eek.

Cook told Britain’s The Sun newspaper that the company doesn’t usually find creepy critters on a regular basis; however, he said, “We take containers from all over the place, and our guys are used to checking for wildlife, so when they opened the doors they spotted the spiders and shut the doors to keep them trapped in.” Nothing was said about whether anyone fainted, egad.

An exterminator was called to rid the deadly spiders from the tire container.

According to the article, black widow spiders “have a bite 15 times more poisonous than a rattlesnake.” But, Cook, ever the typical jolly British man said, (insert British accent here), “The poor little creatures have got a bad reputation with people thinking that their bite is immediately fatal, but generally people are just fairly sick.”

Read The Sun article.

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