Allen West announces his next career move

Former Republican Congressman, Retired Army Lt. Col. and Tea Party favorite Allen West went “On The Record” Tuesday night with Greta Van Susteren. The number one topic was his future plans after a narrow, disappointing defeat for re-election in Florida’s 18th Congressional district.

The Dylan Thomas line, “Do not go gentle into that good night” is something that applies to West in spades. He has strong opinions and has never been reticent to let them be known. Tuesday night was no exception.

He announced that he’d recently joined PJ Media as a director and co-host of shows aimed specifically toward the next generation — ages 18 to 25. The show “will look at the news — the current news through the lens of young Americans.” It’s called “Next Generation.”

“One of the programs I’ll have starting on the fourth of February,” he added, “will be ‘Next Generation Today.”

As expected, West will “not go gentle into the good night,” but will always make his presence known and his voice heard. Godspeed, Colonel.

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18 thoughts on “Allen West announces his next career move

  1. kateinmacclenny says:

    Thank you, i was just asking my husband where is Allen West and how can we revive his run for office and higher office!

  2. RUSerious says:

    Disappointing for whom? Not the constituents of district 18, who now have great representation. Allen West's idiotic, radical ideas are more representative of his native GA than FL, he should seriously consider returning to where he came from.

  3. RUSerious says:

    I guess Rupert Murdoch declined to offer him a job, so Allen West's promoting his loathsome propaganda to vulnerable, impressionable youngsters, who'll probably see right through him.

  4. Joseph DeLuna says:

    I Like The Man! I Support Him In Anything He Does!

  5. An excellent choice, Lt. Col. West! Unbrainwashing our children from the indoctrination of liberal academia and the far-left media is our only hope for saving our Great Nation.

  6. Ed McCarthy says:

    Go West!

  7. Rifraffe says:

    RUSerious' rants and tiresome diatribes and slandrous remarks about Col West illustrate who the real racists in this country are. How does that shoe fit RU? Ridiculous, no? Of course it is. We all know only republicans can be racist.

    I have a bumper sticker that I want to put on your car: PLANNED PARENTHOOD: The Perfect Antidote to Liberalism!

    Now tell us, RU, what is your response to that suggestion? Perhaps, while you are putting your mind to work on something worthwhile, we might all be spared your feeble attempts to assassinate the character of real decent man.

  8. Dean Taffel says:

    The record of the left is virtually unblemished: Black Republican Congressmen are drummed out of congress in one or two terms. J.C. Watts from OK held on significantly longer than most. This history reveals that racism is still at the core of all forms of collectivism. Reality is radically different than what we are led to believe it to be.

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