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Top Florida blogger joins BizPac Review

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It takes talent, drive and a long-term investment of money and time to offer a true alternative to the liberal mainstream media. BizPac Review is committed to doing just that, in Florida and across the nation, and we’re proud to announce the newest member of our team.

Tom Tillison of Florida Political Press is joining BizPac Review as a senior writer and content editor.

Tom Tillison
Tom Tillison

Tillison’s foray into politics began during his reign as a prominent leader of the tea party movement in Orlando, and through his early grassroots advocacy, he experienced firsthand a distinct media bias against conservative values. After much frustration, he shifted direction and launched the Florida Political Press website in an ambitious effort to offer some balance to the slanted media landscape.

With FPP, Tillison established himself as one of Florida’s top conservative bloggers. His star power grew at a time when the mainstream media forgot its responsibility to report the news with balance and fairness, evolving into an entity whose primary purpose is to drive ideology — a disservice not only to the citizens of this country, but to the principles on which America was founded. In this void, Tillison’s voice of reason and authority has provided conservative readers a clear choice.

Tillison is also a regular weekly guest on the “American Adversaries Drive Time” radio show on the 660AM WORL talk radio station, where he offers conservative commentary on the news of the day.

All of Tillison’s past work will soon be available on the BizPac Review website.

Tillison’s deep knowledge of Orlando, Tallahassee and Florida politics adds a new, exciting dimension to BizPac Review’s coverage of state politics.

Welcome aboard, Tom.


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