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City officials shut down ‘maternity mansion’ for anchor babies

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maternity mansionYou may recall an early December story about furious Chino Hills, California residents protesting a residential home operating in their neighborhood as a “maternity hotel:” a place where Chinese women in their third trimester came to stay until they had their babies.

Now, the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin reported that city officials were finally granted a temporary restraining order that has shut the hotel down pending a trial later this month.

According to the article, city officials learned approximately 30 Chinese women were being housed as they awaited the births of their babies. The owners, Hai Yong Wu and Yi Wang, were in the process of “illegally converting the seven bedroom and six 1/2-bathroom house into a 17-bedroom maternity hotel operation.” With monogrammed towels and bathrobes to boot.

Wu also operates the Chinese website, AsiamChild.com, which sells birthing packages ranging from $5,000 to $15,000 to expectant mothers. ABC News reported the website offered advice to the mommies-to-be on how to hide their bellies from U.S. Custom’s officers, (receiving a tourist visa under false pretenses, tsk, tsk), as well as listing “perks American citizens enjoy, including free public education, better loan rates and social welfare during retirement.” “Perks” their American citizen, anchor babies could grow up to enjoy if they wish.

Since there is nothing illegal about the birthing tourism industry, or selling citizenship –  which is a terrible abuse of the intent of the 14th amendment, it falls on city officials to find zoning code violations in order to shut these “maternity mansions” down.


Furious residents protest maternity hotel for anchor babies


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