Free contraceptives: Obamacare giveth, IRS taketh away

Your Taxes This was the month Americans re-learned an old life lesson: There’s no such thing as a free lunch. What is “giveth” is always “taketh” away.

The Health and Human Services contraceptive mandate kicked in for everyone on Jan. 1. This is an Affordable Care Act provision requiring employers to offer free contraceptives to their employees as a part of their company health insurance program.

Oh, happy day! President Barack Obama and Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius smiled benevolently upon the multitude, Sandra Fluke clapped her hands in glee, and the people rejoiced and showed their appreciation.

The expressions of gratitude on Twitter were so numerous that the Twitchy aggregation website thought them worthy of publication. They include:

“Just picked up my birth control. No co-pay. Thank you, Mr. President.”

Jenny Dent:
“No co-pay on my birth control now? I think I’m going to like 2013 #luckyday”

“Obamacare coming in strong and saving me my $5 co-pay on my birth control. #FoFreeee—”

“Went 2 pick up my birth control and no copay! Saves me $120 a year! And hey, no babies for my insurance to pay for! #ObamaCare #winning”

Alas, someone has to pay the tab for all this, and it didn’t take long to find out who that someone is: the very people reaping all the benefits.

Fox News reported that working Americans are seeing smaller paychecks because of the payroll tax hike.

Recent college grad Gabriella Hoffman told the news station that roughly $65 more is taken out of her paycheck in payroll taxes each month.

“As a newly-graduated person, someone coming straight out of college, I don’t like the idea of having less money coming to me due to the selfish interests of people in Congress who don’t have any interest in reducing our financial problems,” Hoffman told “This is an impediment for future economic growth. It’s going to make it harder for young people like myself to get married, find a better job, you name it.”

Of course, the payroll tax increase is supposed to be used for Social Security, not Obamacare. It’s just that it’s the most visible increase at the moment. But there are plenty of other Obamacare taxes that kicked in on Jan. 1, and health insurers are raising rates because of it. Again, nothing is free.

Allison Miller had it all figured out when she tweeted, “Hey Obama If I pay for my own birth control for $10 a month can I have that tax money back?!?”

Check out more Twitter gems compiled by the Twitcjy Team.

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Fox News chief Washington correspondent James Rosen and “Happening Now” co-host John Scott discuss the expiration of the payroll tax holiday in the following clip.


5 thoughts on “Free contraceptives: Obamacare giveth, IRS taketh away

  1. KB Cook says:

    So…. elections DO HAVE CONSEQUENCES and generally they hit you in the pocketbook!

    1. Ed Fowler says:

      Good god why am I paying for someone to have safe sex? If you can't afford to have sex DON'T have it sex!! Who raised you people that think that it is ok?

  2. Chuck Ross says:

    That 2% should not have came out of Social Sec. anyway. That was no tax break the people were to think that they got something for nothing. They didn't know that the government screwed them. People are so dumb that they thought that 2% wasn't coming back to haunt them in latter years or their parents.

  3. Russ Rogers says:

    So the PAYROLL TAX HOLIDAY was President Obama's idea, and it was opposed by Republicans. And when the Payroll Tax Holiday came to an end, were there Republicans out fighting to extend it, with even HALF the vehemence and intensity that they were going to bat for the wealthy (who earn over $250K per year)? No. So it's ABSOLUTELY HYPOCRITICAL for you to blame Obama for the ending of a Tax Holiday that Conservatives OPPOSED to begin with and didn't DEFEND or PROMOTE when that Holiday came to it's appointed sunset.

    The ending of the Payroll Tax Holiday has NOTHING to do with Obamacare or the contraceptive mandate in it. For you to try to draw some kind of logical or moral connection between the two seems like you are only trying to muddy the waters of public debate, not really bring anything enlightening or insightful to the table.

    This piece is the work of a Public Policy TROLL (purely negative and reactionary), not a thoughtful philosopher. It's all sniping, with no real interest in true public debate or real solutions for real problems.

    Personally, I would have been ALL in favor of extending the Payroll Tax Holiday, and paying for that by lifting the CAP , that limits Payroll Taxes to just the FIRST $100K or so of earnings. Why do the very wealthy get to have a PERMANENT PAYROLL TAX HOLIDAY for the bulk of their income? Where is the fairness in that?

  4. Brad Naksuthin says:

    I'm getting sick and tired of religious groups from the Taliban to Catholics, to Evangelical Christians expecting everyone else to accommodate their views.

    Pretty soon every religious group in the country is going to want to have special exemptions.

    Muslim women already want an exemption from having their photograph taken for a ID purposes.

    Already a justice of the peace refused to marry an interracial couple because it was against his beliefs.

    What next?

    Are Quaker Pacifists going to want an exemption from paying taxes because some of the money goes to buy bombs and bullets

    Are Catholic Employers going to be able to refuse to hire people who have been divorced.

    Are Mormon employers going to have the right to deny employment to anyone who smokes or drinks?

    Is a Evangelical Christian apartment owner going to have the right to refuse to rent to gay people?

    Is a White Southern Christian college going to be allowed to refuse to admit black students or interracial couples?

    Is a Jehovah Witness factory owner going to be allowed opt out of covering blood transfusions for his employees?

    Religious people need to grow up!!! This is the United States. We have federal laws that supercede your religious beliefs.

    Don't get the big idea that the government is going to allow you to perform animal sacrifice or female circumcision, marry more than one woman at a time, give your 8 year old daughter away in an arranged marriage, or withhold medical care from your children just because of your kooky religion says it's OK.

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