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Liberal Sen. Boxer: Use National Guard to protect schools

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Liberal Democratic Senator, Barbara “Don’t call me ma’am” Boxer, will propose two bills calling for armed guards, including the National Guard, to protect children in schools. How rich.

When NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre suggested having armed police officers in every school, gun control advocates crucified him; he was mocked up one side and down the other.

For a multitude of reasons you can imagine, Democrats are embracing Boxer’s bills. The Washington Post reported Thursday that Boxer presented her plan to Vice President Biden who is heading up the administration’s new gun violence task force. Boxer said Biden was “’very, very interested’ and may include [her plan] in the policy recommendations he makes to President Obama,” said the Post.

The difference between what Boxer is proposing and what LaPierre suggested is that Boxer’s proposal leaves the decision for “a community policing presence” up to each school district. But, of course, the funding would come from the federal government.

Boxer’s Save Our Students, or SOS, bill would allow governors to call on the National Guard to assist in school security. Boxer said, “National Guard troops could be used to help support local law enforcement agencies in protecting our children at schools,” but would remain under the command of governors to avoid “Posse Comitatus” issues.

Watch Boxer explain her proposed new bills:



Watch the famous, “Don’t call me ma’am,” video:

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