State Dept. confirms Clinton will testify while still sitting secretary

The State Department has announced that Secretary Hillary Clinton will testify on the Benghazi attacks before she leaves office.

“Well, let me just say that she will testify,” said Victoria Nuland, State Department Spokeswoman. “She will testify while she is still sitting Secretary of State.”  

“A new Secretary can’t take up duties until there has been a confirmation hearing, until there has been a vote, et cetera,” Nuland explained. “So our expectation is that we will be able to sequence this so that she will testify as sitting Secretary.”

While Nuland said she could not give a date, ranking member on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN), told MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell he expects that Sec. Clinton will testify on the morning of January 22.

“I had some very good conversations with her chief of staff,” Corker told Mitchell. “My sense is, her hearing probably will take place the morning of the 22nd.”

“She’s anxious to want to come up and testify on Benghazi, and I think that’s an important thing both for her but obviously for our country,” Corker said.

Clinton’s health kept her from testifying in December.


Corker comments on Hagel and Brennen nominations, then Clinton at about the 4:00 mark.

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