Man faces 7 years for stealing Obama’s teleprompter


A Virginia man pleaded guilty to stealing a van containing podiums and electronic equipment for a presidential speech — presumably microphones, amplifiers, speakers and yes, the president’s beloved teleprompter.

According to the Washington Post:

Eric Brown entered his plea Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Richmond. The 49-year-old Brown faces sentencing April 11 in a plea agreement that calls for a 7-year prison term.

A 2005 Ford van containing podiums and electronic equipment used by the president during public appearances was stolen from a Henrico County hotel parking lot in October 2011. The empty van owned by the Defense Information Systems Agency was recovered on the other side of town the next day.

The theft occurred just ahead of Obama’s visit to a suburban Richmond fire station to promote his jobs plan.

Whatever was this man thinking? You don’t mess with the guy’s teleprompter.

Read more at The Washington Post.

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2 thoughts on “Man faces 7 years for stealing Obama’s teleprompter

  1. paulette mcclain says:

    our poor president would have been at a loss for words for sure. lmbo

  2. bccappy says:

    Don't know why Zero was upset…. the fellow was just an entrepreneur it the ZerObama style, and after all … Zero was talking about jobs….lol

    Every 'job' Zero has created has been paid for by funds stolen from taxpayers.

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