Dave Aronberg promises to put the ‘state’ back in state attorney

In an optimistic speech marking the official start of his new term as Palm Beach County state attorney, Dave Aronberg hinted at some changes he’ll make to “repair” what he described as a broken system.

The common theme of his message was “new relationships.”

“I truly believe that the best days lay ahead for this office,” he said of the relationship he’s forming with his staff. During his campaign, Aronberg said improving office morale would be one of his priorities if he won office.

He praised Sheriff Ric Bradshaw and his law enforcement team and elicited laughter when he talked of the first “middle of the night” crime scene he was called to.

“From now on, I’ll make sure you have the right phone number, Sheriff,” Aronberg said, promising it would connected to the special “bat phone” Bradshaw jokingly mentioned earlier in his own speech.

Aronberg struck a serious note in pledging a strong relationship with all of Palm Beach County’s police chiefs going forward.

But Aronberg said one of the most important changes he’ll institute involves building a new relationship with the statewide prosecutor’s office. Tapping the strength of connections he’s formed throughout his political and law enforcement careers, Aronberg said he expects to see a spirit of cooperation between state, county and federal offices that were once in competition with one another. Palm Beach County’s eager top prosecutor said he looks forward to putting “the state back in state attorney.”

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8 thoughts on “Dave Aronberg promises to put the ‘state’ back in state attorney

  1. Ken G says:

    Sadly, he's just another lying democrat. Too bad Dina. Keever didn't have more support.

    1. Jerry S says:

      No reason to knock him before he has a chance to prove himself.

    2. RUSerious says:

      Dina Keever's campaign showed that like Pam Bondi, Dina has no respect for the settled law of the land, an essential qualification for any professional attorney, Dave Aronberg respects the law.

  2. Charles says:

    Now he has stated actions that are doable. The actions will take months to show results. I will adopt a wait and see attitude about these promises. Now is the show me time about the day to day work.

  3. Jan Porter says:

    How pleasant to here positive things coming from a Florida state attorney! It's been long in coming. If the White House would only listen in and take heed.

    1. Barbara Dobbin says:

      My husbend, Bennett Dobbin, and I met Dave many years ago at various public meetings. He was always a patient gentleman, who listened to people of all walks of life and income and he had a gracious smile! (not a smirk, as some do). I look forward to hearing great times emanating from his office. Barbara Dobbin

  4. Amy Hair says:

    Dave Aronberg is my favorite Democrat. He really cares about doing a good job and he does reach across party lines. I'd like to ask my Republican friends to give him a chance. We are more alike than we are different. I think he'll do a great job as State Attorney. I'm a die hard conservative, but I have faith in Dave!

  5. John Strickland says:

    I have had the pleasure of knowing Dave since middle school and he always spoke his mind confidently and sought justice and believed in upholding the law he is a man of high morale character and stands by what he believes in whether others agree or not which made me respect him even more.

    Floridians will find out soon enough what a great asset he will be to the State so please give the man a chance to do his job before making rash and negative comments.

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