Take our poll: If the government succeeds in passing a federal gun registry law, would you comply?

“Gun registration is gun confiscation.” Or so says the headline of an article published by blogger Dean Weingarten in 2000. It has been re-posted throughout the years, and has resurfaced to counter the recent demand for tougher gun laws.

Using  political leverage gained from the public’s horror over recent mass shootings, liberal lawmakers, Hollywood and others have banded together to push for stricter laws many fear will lead to the shredding of the Second Amendment.

Proposed legislation introduced by U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., and others has produced significant backlash.

Joshua Boston, a former Marine, became famous recently for writing a poignant and polite letter to Feinstein refusing to comply with the new laws. In an interview with Fox News, Boston said that gun registration that leads to confiscation is what led to the Third Reich.

The hot-button issue seems to be Feinstein’s proposed federal gun registry. Some critics have speculated the move could start another civil war. What would you do if the legislation was passed?

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Gun registration is gun confiscation (excerpt)

The holy grail of the anti self defense and anti rights special interest groups is gun registration. This is because once your gun is required to be registered, it is in effect, already confiscated. Only a little thought will reveal to you why this is so. The Government will know who has legal possession of each firearm. They will know where the firearm is stored. When physical possession of the gun is desired, they can order you to turn it in. This has happened repeatedly. The historical examples include NAZI Germany, Soviet Russia, Red China, and Cambodia. Recent examples include Kosovo, Great Britian, Australia, New York, and California. Not having possession of the firearm registered to you can be grounds for criminal action. If you have reported the gun stolen, and it is then found in your possession, you can be charged with obstruction of justice.

It is a truism that once all guns are required to be registered, the only people who will legally possess guns will be those who have registered them. If you choose to follow the course of civil disobedience, and not register your firearms, mere possession of an unregistered gun can put you at grave legal risk.


22 thoughts on “Take our poll: If the government succeeds in passing a federal gun registry law, would you comply?

  1. Chicken Sock Puppet says:



    Try 5.56x45mm NATO loaded with 62gr LAP

  2. Ron Jackson says:

    The western half of the US in the 1800-1900 was considered the wild west, since then it has been considered the most law abiding country in the world because our laws give us the rights to own and bear arms, not like most countries who have banned guns only to see crime and especially murder rise to an all time high, we have a way to protect our selves because it is still legal to own a gun countries like Germany lost their freedoms because guns were taken away.

  3. Rifraffe says:

    Talk about waking a sleeping giant. The silent majority of gun owners in the country will only put up with this moronic rhetoric as long as it remains just that. If any action were initiated to register and or confiscate our guns there would be all holy hell to pay and the liberals would be the first ones we direct our "attention" to. Remember this: there are over a million carry permits in the state of Florida alone!

  4. aanona says:

    The U.S. Supreme Court decided that feolns are exempt from registerung firearms To do so would be a vviolation of their 5th Amendment protections. So the only people who are exempt from gun registration by court decision are convicted felons.

  5. aanona says:

    Enjoy kissing the boots of those who enslave you, live life on your knees in bondange, may your shackles buurden you forever. Depart from the company of free men, and may we forget that you once lived amongst us.

  6. aaronhighley says:

    i live in a rural area in kentucky where we have 2 state troopers and a sheriff with one deputy.if you need a cop as soon as possible in an emergency situation it normally takes 2 to 4 hours to get a cop to come to you. we have the same crime that the big city has.if we didnt have guns we would be defenseless.so if it takes a civil war to stop the liberal madness than the opposing party will find a gun behind every blade of grass. this is kentucky we do know how to use them extremely well

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