FEC fines Obama 2008 campaign $375,000

campaign financeLate Friday afternoon, the Associated Press reported that the Federal Elections Commission imposed President Obama’s 2008 campaign committee what was perhaps the largest fine ever levied against a presidential campaign.

According to AP reporter Ken Thomas, the $375,000 fine stems “from a series of missing notices for nearly 1,200 contributions totaling nearly $1.9 million.”

Notable mentions of huge fines assessed against presidential candidates include over $200,000 against Al Sharpton’s 2004 bid and Kansas Sen. Bob Dole’s fine of $100,000 in 1988.

America Coming Together, a progressive, political action group dedicated to get-out-the-vote activities, was assessed $775.000 in 2007. ACT was not associated with any particular candidate.

The FEC investigation was spurred by complaints lodged by a number of groups, including the Republican National Committee.

Of the $375,000 fine, the Obama campaign paid $230,000. The Democratic National Committee, which ran a fundraising committee jointly with the Obama campaign, assumed the remainder of $145,000.

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6 thoughts on “FEC fines Obama 2008 campaign $375,000


    1. Barbara Fugate says:

      What about the fake Birth Certificate, the fake SS NO'S, and all the election fraud??? Why is he getting away with everything?????

      1. Joe Jr says:

        Obama has no fears as long as liberal Republicans are running that party. Boner oops Boehner is as liberal as they get. He is almost as fake as Obama's birth certificate.

  2. Not a bad deal, huh? Take in $1,900,000 and spend #375,00 in fines. They should have fined the full $1.9 million. So, the Obama campaign netted $1,525,000. Not a bad haul! This guy is really good! He is so full of ponzi schemes and he gets away with every one of his unethical moves.

  3. how about the precincts that reported turn outs over 109% some as many as 140%? Vote and vote often.

  4. Joe Jr says:

    Until Americans get some balls and go after Obama with everything they have Obama is safe. I am hoping and praying( all in vane probably) that one of the States that are in court about Obama's eligibility finds he is not a natural born citizen and he is a fraud. Federal Penn. clothing would look good on him.

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