Sen.Tim Scott responds to insulting slam by NAACP president

NAACP president Benjamin Jealous recently claimed that newly sworn-in U.S. Sen. Tim Scott, R-SC, the only black member of the U.S. Senate, doesn’t believe in civil rights.

He wasn’t the only person who reacted. The Twitterverse lit up at Thursday’s swearing in ceremony, with many offering their congratulations and well-wishes:

twitter-logoJosh Falzone: “Congrats to @SenatorTimScott on getting sworn in today! #tcot”

Kimberly Bookert: “@SenatorTimScott awesome, so proud of you. Represent for the republicans”

But the event also drew in his detractors:

Weezie: “@SenatorTimScott – now you will be in a position to do what your master, Jim DeMint tells you to. History repeating down on the plantation.”

Reynolds Repley, Jr.: “congrats Uncle tom scott O i meant tim scott. U don’t represent blacks and poor of SC u are white and republican so get 2 your master’s job”

Rachel Cantrell summed the hatred up best in her tweet: Racist comments coming from other black ppl re: @SenatorTimScott is disgusting. All of that simply bc he has different opinions? #tolerance

Scott appeared “On The Record” with Greta Van Susteren on Fox News Thursday evening to answer his critics.


8 thoughts on “Sen.Tim Scott responds to insulting slam by NAACP president

  1. Luther Henry says:

    Benjamin Jealous, what an appropriate name, is about as black as I am. He has a of of nerve standing out there criticizing a true black man, just because that man believes in the American dream and not the socialist/marxist policies fostered by our current administration and the lapdogs from the NAACP. I am very impressed by Senator Scott, he is articulate, humble and apparently very intelligent. I see a bright future for him in American politics and even though I live in PA, I would support him fully, contrary to how I feel about many of the current members of the democrat party who I feel are intentionally destroying the country that I love.

    1. Carol Casner says:

      I totally agree with Mr. Henry. I think some blacks are jealous of those who do well and wish to contribute to the future of all of us. They just can't stand to think that a black person could be anything other than a democrat or that women who are not democrats can make a positive contribution and serve competently. As you see what the democrats have done to this country it makes one wonder why they think they are so great. Hoorah for Mr. Scott.

      1. Joseph Jr says:

        Why is it that every time we hear about "race" it comes out of a liberals mouth? Why is it that every time we talk about any spending cuts we are hurting the minorities or elderly? Spending cuts hurt everyone at first. Think of a household as government spending. When you live within your means everyone is happy. When you over spend and end up having to give up some perks everyone gets unhappy. We need to take that turn around to the fiscally responsible. Yes it will hurt at first but after awhile it will be the norm.

    2. judy martin says:

      These people will continue to try and break down our society and decide this great country. I am a Democrat, not a liberal, I was very impressed by Mr Scott.

  2. d_old_man says:

    You just GOTTA love these Democrats who are so "Anti-hate", "Anti-racist", and "pro-tolerance." Uh, guys? The Senator may be well-to-do, and you a poor stick in the mud, But you're showing your true colors, here…Or is that true "Anti-color"?

    :::sigh:: Fools never learn. And The Americans listen to your drivel. Maybe you ought to get off welfare for a while. Oh, can't find a job? I wonder why THAT is… seems to me you're looking in a mirror and not liking what you see. Either that, of you love blaming the Blame Game, like BHO.

  3. Bruce Dunn says:

    Tim Scott is a true representative of the power of positive thinking and acting. It is no wonder that dems/libs/progressives, spend time vilifying him. One of the reasons I am proud to be a conservative is that we have, for the majority of us, kept our message positive and impersonal, while Ed Schultz, Chris Matthews, and the like have a hair trigger on hate speech toward those of us who disagree with them. Our country should value men and women like Tim Scott, who find service to country a priority in their lives.

  4. JerseyDevil says:

    While the NAACP Jealous attacks Senator Tim Scott (SC) I would ask him…where are the successful Blacks like Senator Scott that the NAACP have helped that aren't Liberal/Progressives? WHY do they promote a dependency on Taxpayer money?

  5. KB Cook says:

    Liberal-progressive-ism is being exposed for what it is. *Perhaps* some people are starting to kick the koolaid-habit and are coming to grips with their 'stupid-habit!' Maybe he's a talking-wedge who can make some gains in the right direction. I hope he keeps speaking out the way he's done in this interview.

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