Joe Biden acts like Chester the Molester at swearing in ceremony

My sincerest apologies to every female Senator and family member who had to endure the creepy, inappropriate, flirtatious behavior of Vice President Joe Biden at the mock swearing in ceremony in Washington, D.C. yesterday.  My compliments to the men who kept their cool while the vice president salivated over their wives, mothers and daughters.

During Thursday’s photo session for the swearing in of new senators, Biden was unrelenting in his touchy, feely, kissy, groping of what appears to be every female he came into contact with. Gross. He’s the kind of creeper man women run from at work, family gatherings, or parties.

We all know Biden acts like a buffoon at (most) times, and his “jokes” are never funny, and he didn’t disappoint yesterday while the CSPAN2 cameras were rolling.

The top headline for goofy Biden comments is the one where he tells Sen. Heidi Heitkamp’s husband, “Spread your legs: You’re going to be frisked,” when the photographer tells the husband to put his hands down by his side. The husband’s reaction is classic. He doesn’t laugh, he doesn’t look at Biden, and he bolts as soon as the photo is finished leaving Biden to awkwardly retort, “I’m a little too formal, I know.”

In one of the only references to the physique of a man in the room, Biden remarked to the physically fit brother of new South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott, “If you ever need any help on your pecs, let me know,” reported Business Insider. Um, eww? No thanks, Joe.

The funniest thing, because I don’t find Biden funny like many in the media do, is the reaction of Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s young daughter who started crying, according to Business Insider, when Biden went to pick her up. Right on, kiddo! I’d cry, too!

Back to the vice president’s icky flirting with the women, though. The Weekly Standard wrote that Biden “got a little frisky with the wife of Senator Angus King. Biden’s hand remains on King’s wife, Mary Herman, for at least 20 seconds, moving down her back and to the side of her chest.” The senator, probably uncomfortably used to Biden’s bad behavior, doesn’t show any reaction at all as he raises his hand for the picture in an attempt to keep some decorum while Biden groped his wife.

Watch the Vice President of the United States of America’s outrageous behavior with all the women here:

Read more from Business Insider.


Janeen Capizola

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49 thoughts on “Joe Biden acts like Chester the Molester at swearing in ceremony

  1. michael says:

    Sexual harrassment is wrong and congress has an obligation to stop this behavior. A formal complaint should be filed against Biden with whatever white house human resources that investigates harrassment and congress should invest Biden get the same punishment any other harrasser gets. Being a does not excuse this behaviour.stop Biden'swar on women now

  2. Susan says:

    Phoney is just right. But those hands and kisses all over the women is DISGUSTING and not professional. Deserves sexual harassment charges.

  3. Rifraffe says:

    Why is everyone so surprised? He is a slug and can always be counted on to behave like one. Be really nervous when he starts acting like a civilized, God-fearing, respecable family man. . . in other words like a conservative Republican!

  4. cs says:

    Lets see if you can find the shiney quarter in Uncle Joeys front pocket!

  5. GoldenGekko says:

    Poor Joe, it seems that his inadequacy as a man, by treating women as harlots, may be due to his trying to hide his homosexual tendencies, therefore he tries to hide his delight in being sodomized by demeaning every woman he deals with. Very sad.

  6. VandyRN89 says:

    If he said or did some of that stuff to me, I would have slapped his face and filed assault charges. Secret Service or not. Don't get me started on the Secret Service.

    I apologize to my children for the world we are going to leave them with. I wanted so much more for them than this.

  7. Jeff says:

    Biden was just being what he is……. An ( ! ). In case your wondering I'm specifically referring to the point at the bottom of the exclamation point.

    1. Jeff says:

      For those not text savvy ………[email protected]

  8. Annamerican says:

    The children are on the stage at the Obama gun thing, whatever. At the point in the production where Obama and others stand up and clap, the camera catches,biden take the face of the girl beside him cup it in his hand and look her in the face. You could tell she did not like it. What good choice was it to stand this man of questional boundries beside children?

  9. ed Parilla says:


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