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Why Americans worry about 2013: ‘Surviving is the new prosperity’

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Results of a recent Gallup poll kicking off the new year show Americans have a highly pessimistic outlook for 2013.

BizPac Review was not surprised since our own poll showed that only 8 percent of our readers think 2013 will be better than 2012.(Take the poll below)

Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly invited Democrat and Daily Beast columnist Kirstin Powers and a Republican radio host Chris Plante on  her show to talk about why over half of Americans have such a bleak outlook for the future. The results of the poll reflect the partisan views of the country and seem to be linked to how one feels about President Obama.

“Surviving is the new prosperity,” Plante said, describing the sentiments of a small business owner who agrees with the poll results.

“I’m embarrassed for my species at this point,” Plante said, speaking of the mess in Washington DC.”If this is the best the human race can do at the highest levels of governance on the planet earth than I think we are in pretty big trouble going forward.”

Independents joined the Republicans in their view that America’s best days are behind us.

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