Krauthammer: ‘The House has been neutered’ by Obama

Charles Krauthammer joined Bill O’Reilly Wednesday on the Fox News Network’s “The O’Reilly Factor.” The Washington Post columnist said there’s not a shred of evidence that Obama has any interest in cutting spending.

“I wrote a month ago that his objective in demanding a hike in tax rates was entirely political, because the speaker offered him the same amount of money by eliminating loopholes. So, if he wanted the money, that’s all he wanted was to raise revenues, it was handed to him. But he said no, you have to raise rates. Why? Because he knew that would accentuate the fractures, the fissures in the Republican Party. It would neutralize the one oppositionist institution — the House of Representatives. That’s exactly what happened. He succeeded in that. The House has been neutered. You saw what happened last night. And if he gets the House out of the way, he can then be dominant in Washington for his entire second term.”

The two also rehashed a bit of “election regret” as they talked about Mitt Romney’s defeat. Krauthammer said that the defeat does not give Obama the power he is claiming to have. It is an “invented mandate” that is causing him to do whatever he wants, he told O’Reilly. Listen to the video clip:


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