Congress approves fiscal cliff bill, Republicans split

Congress voted “yes” to the Senate-approved fiscal cliff deal that was dramatically hammered out in the late hours of 2012.

The final bill garnered far more favor from the Democrats than the Republicans who felt like they “had a gun to their heads,” according to Fox News anchor Mike Emanuel.

Tuesday’s bill will head to President Obama who has already agreed to sign it. The fiscal crisis is said to have been averted with the approval of the deal because it delays the spending cuts and tax hikes that were scheduled to take place in 2013. : The 257-167 vote in the House came after a day of high drama on Capitol Hill, during which conservative House lawmakers voiced serious concern about the Senate bill’s lack of spending cuts. Rank-and-file Republicans initially predicted they would tinker with the package, raising the possibility the Senate would abandon it and nothing would get done before the new congressional class is seated Thursday. Read more here.



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