Congress approves fiscal cliff bill, Republicans split

Congress voted “yes” to the Senate-approved fiscal cliff deal that was dramatically hammered out in the late hours of 2012.

The final bill garnered far more favor from the Democrats than the Republicans who felt like they “had a gun to their heads,” according to Fox News anchor Mike Emanuel.

Tuesday’s bill will head to President Obama who has already agreed to sign it. The fiscal crisis is said to have been averted with the approval of the deal because it delays the spending cuts and tax hikes that were scheduled to take place in 2013. : The 257-167 vote in the House came after a day of high drama on Capitol Hill, during which conservative House lawmakers voiced serious concern about the Senate bill’s lack of spending cuts. Rank-and-file Republicans initially predicted they would tinker with the package, raising the possibility the Senate would abandon it and nothing would get done before the new congressional class is seated Thursday. Read more here.



6 thoughts on “Congress approves fiscal cliff bill, Republicans split

  1. KB Cook says:

    Praying that the new congress, once seated, will have the moral turpitude and fiscal/ethical sanity to actually DO the job they are hired by us (we-the-people) to do. They are hired not to lead, but they are hired to take our opinions and our requirements seriously and then do the will of their constituents.

  2. Big Dem says:

    Two years ago when the debt ceiling limit vote that produced sequestration if no "reasonable" deal was forged, I said that I would immediately change my registration as a Republican if it was supported by the Republicans. I knew it would come to this if they voted for it and when they passed it, I went the next day to the Supervisior of Elections office and changed my registration to Libertarian. I have always voted for a candidate rather than a straight party line and I still vote for Republicans when he/she earns my vote, but I will NEVER again register as a Republican OR give money to the Republican Party.

    I blame Republicans more than Obama and the Democrats. Obama and the Democrats openly are socialists who want centeralized control with all power located in the federal government and now they happily pursue that goal without disguise. Republicans, however, pretend to want individual liberty and small government, when in actuality they simply want their seat at the table of the power elite, even if it is at the "children's table." Given this latest "deal," I believe we are too far gone down the debt road to salvage America without a long, hard road and a minor internal revolution, but the Progressives infiltrated the schools and media so long ago that their propaganda has now deluded two generations of Americans into thinking there is magic in socialism (actually, they do not really know what socialism is). I weep for my son's future. I have also encouraged him to prepare for a life outside of America because it might be impossible to make a good living here within five years, and he adjusted his college major accordingly.

  3. Bobby Lynch says:

    AMERICA has suffered an un-mitgated defeat!!!!

  4. Dmitry says:

    To Big Dem: DITTO every word including revocation of my Party affiliation and re-orientation of my children' life plans. I only differ on "minor" internal revolution: it will take the MAJOR one to get America back on sanity track. Took Russians 74 years to allegedly shed their communist manacles, but even in 20 years after that revolution they still live in dictatorship with no real freedom in sight. Either we learn from their experience or are gonna repeat it….

  5. Rich says:

    It would take a miracle.

  6. Big Dem says:

    Watching Obama reminds me of what I learned studying Roman history in advanced Latin classes. After King Pyrrhus of Epirus won a battle against the Roman army that left him with enormous causalties he is said to have remarked, “If we are victorious in one more battle with the Romans, we shall be utterly ruined.” Thus the phrase “Pyrrhic victory.” I believe Obama and the Democrats have won their Pyrrhic victory, but it will be the American citizens, not these elite snobs insulated from the effects of their decisions, who will suffer the loss.

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