Piers Morgan threatens to deport himself over U.S. gun laws

Piers-Morgan12Piers Morgan, British host of CNN’s “Piers Morgan Tonight,” has threatened to leave America if the country doesn’t change its gun laws. In a lengthy column written for London’s Daily Mail, Morgan defends his position on stricter gun control.

On Dec. 18, Morgan interviewed Larry Pratt, the executive director of Gun Owners of America, in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings. Morgan’s rude and ignorant treatment of his guest led to a petition being posted on the WhiteHouse.gov website calling for Morgan to be deported for his attack on the Second Amendment. Almost 100,000 people have signed it, which could very well be more people than watch his poorly rated show.

Morgan wrote in his column:

I can spare those Americans who want me deported a lot of effort by saying this: If you don’t change your gun laws to at least try to stop this relentless tidal wave of murderous carnage, then you don’t have to worry about deporting me.

Although I love the country as a second home and one that has treated me incredibly well, I would, as a concerned parent first – and latterly, of a one-year-old daughter who may attend an American elementary school like Sandy Hook in three years’ time – seriously consider deporting myself.END OF BLOCK QUOTE

Morgan, the father of four children, was apparently affected, as we all were, by the Connecticut shootings. He said he finds the fact that AR-15 rifle sales skyrocketed in the days after the killings “insane behavior” on our part.

“To me, this is a warped, twisted logic that bears no statistical analysis and makes no sense,” Morgan wrote. “Do you fight drug addiction with more cocaine? Alcoholism with more Jack Daniel’s? Of course, not. But woe betide anyone who dares suggest this.”

Morgan continued by explaining his problem with the Second Amendment saying,

I also understand, and respect, how there is an inherent national belief in America, based on their understanding of the 2nd Amendment, that everyone should be allowed to have a gun at home for the purposes of self-defence.

But where I have a big problem is when the unfortunately ambiguous wording of the 2nd Amendment is twisted to mean that anyone in America can have any firearm they want, however powerful, and in whatever quantity they want.

Ah, well, the cheeky Brit is protected by the right to free speech, and he bloody well knows it. He wrote, “I will not stop in my own efforts to keep the gun-control debate firmly in people’s minds, however much abuse I’m subjected to.” But he is fully aware the Brits don’t want him back, because there are several counter-petitions on the White House website demanding we keep him here in America.

And considering hardly anyone watches “Piers Morgan Tonight,” we can be assured bad behavior — like telling one guest, an American gun right activist, “You’re an unbelievably stupid man, aren’t you?” — won’t help his ratings.

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61 thoughts on “Piers Morgan threatens to deport himself over U.S. gun laws

  1. David says:

    As an ex-Canadian, I saw thw futility of restrictive gun laws. Toronto has the third highest rate of violent crime of any large city in the USA and Canada, higher than Houston or Dallsa. Ther's a high incidence of murder, rate assault and in a recent year it had the highest rate of breaking and entering of all the large cties. It's hard to stop a home invasion with a butter knife. So much for gun control.

  2. Rick R says:

    Piers old boy, Brits don't want your lying yellow journalist ass back either. I understand Mexico is nice, civilians can't really own guns there, unless your a drug cartel who is given weapons by the socialists in Washington DC to try to disarm the American citizens (makes the whole transition to dictatorship much easier), by arming criminals and terrorists. So Piers, on behalf my fellow savage Americans, I won't say goodbye, rather "Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.!".

  3. Rick R says:

    Lucy, yes Australia has very strict gun laws, as does Britain, if you bother to check the violent crime rates after your solution: all other violent crime indices increased in Australia: assault rose 49.2 percent and robbery 6.2 percent. Just proving that rape, home invasion, etc. are alive and well in lands where the population is disarmed. Actually, if you read your own statement of 5% of gun homicide rates…should it not be ZERO? And there is another thing you overlook the difference in total population, you will find the ratio a little different.

  4. Rick R says:

    Lucy, The Australian Bureau of Criminology states its murder rate in 2006 with firearms was the highest ever at 16.3 percent. The ban started in 1997. And since the ban, Australian women are raped three times more often than American women. You state gun-related deaths here are 10 to 100 times that of other developed countries. Check the latest figures from the Centers for Disease Control and reports from the United Nations and you will find your statement to be inaccurate.

    Also Australia is ranked #4 worldwide for assault victims, the US is 11th, Rape victims 5th 150% more than the US at 13th, total crime victims ranked 1st at 43% than 15th ranked USA.

    Hope that works for you. It does not for me.

    P.S. source:United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute.

  5. joshua sedillo says:

    Actually grown ups would know whats really going on here, and its bullying plain and simple, you guys say what ever about pierce thats america we have the right, but when you attack him for simpley wanting to save lives then thats bullying, you dont accept anyone who does not see the world through your eyes.

    Lets hit some key points here, you will hear people saying Piers dont try to change or take away our second anendment…….fact is pier never suggested such a thing he just wants to keep the assault rifles off the streets, limit magazine clips and make stricter rules for keeping a firearm, there is no argument to dispute this, piers has never suggested to do away with the 2 nd amendment just keep it from being abused, any person with any kind of intelligence would know that the world was alot different when the constitution was wrote, hence why jefferson suggested revisiting the document every 20 years, they didnt even know back then what type of weapons we would have today people .

    here is another lil bit that bothers me, every one tells piers go back home you brit, just know that every person here in america came from some where else well that is unless your american indian, who because of american guns had everything taken from them, every part of them was viciousley raped and destroyed, and why…..because of guns , fact is if the " americans " who came to this country did not have any guns they would of gotten there ass kiked right back to europe.

    I find that most people get their knowledge of the second amendment from "what they hear" because fact is if you read it its not a clear cut case for americans owning assault rifles, Americans definetley have the right to bear arms , but anyone with an I q knows you have to have limits, assault rifles should not be tolerated in todays society, we are supposing to be evolving as a people, with that I say good show piers, I support anyone who trys to save a life, "its the people not the guns" is a very accurate statement, lets join piers and try to make it harder for the bad "people" to get the assault rifles that kill our loved ones.

  6. PLEASE LEAVE!!! you won't be MISSED and leave our 2nd ammendment alone, it was written for Americans to defend against a tyrannical government after defeating the Brits over tyranny, remember history. Law abiding citizens should have the right to own any gun they want if they pass a background check which should weed out the mentally ill, and I aggree with Rick R He hit it outta the ballpark.

  7. Ken Weaver says:

    Mr Morgan, I will help you pack. Please don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out.

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