Krauthammer astonished at Obama’s ‘incredible arrogance’

Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer described Obama’s behavior at a New Year’s Eve press conference as “incredible arrogance” and “astonishing.”

On Monday’s broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “Special Report,” with host Bret Baier, Krauthammer commented on the plan the president proposed as a “so-called-compromise” with Republican leaders. He said:

“If there are any spending cuts in the future, there is going to have to be an increase — a further increase in taxes on the rich. Of course, it’s always millionaires that will balance out those spending cuts. He laid out a radically oppositionist position, gleefully. And I think he wants to go over the cliff, and dare the Republicans to take the blame.”


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7 thoughts on “Krauthammer astonished at Obama’s ‘incredible arrogance’

  1. Herb Stevens says:

    As usual, Charles has it right. Democrats don't cut spending; they raise taxes. Even when they promise spending cuts, those cuts never materialize; ask Geo. H. W. Bush.

    1. joann says:

      Your right Charles and Herb. They can't even bring a balanced budget to the table 🙁

      But, Obama knows the republicans will cave, because they don't want the economy to go off the cliff. Obama does want it to go over so he can say see! this is what the left has done for you nothing…..meanwhile Obama will put a feather in his cap and raise all the taxes on everyone…it's a lose lose for us and a win win for him.

  2. Taxus says:

    Thank the Lord there are still real men in media. Thank you for telling us the truth Mr Krauthammer instead of blowing smoke and kissing up to Obama like most other reporters. Most mealy reporters feel that if they say one word against Obama, that their readers will label them as racists, so they smile at every little thing Obama, OR Michelle does. They are so obviously phony that it's sickening. Mr Krauthammer can take heart that those of us who appreciate genuine intelligent non-biased reporting, enjoy listening to his opinions and viewpoints because they are honest ones. We are very much aware that Obama is, indeed, one of the most arrogant people in the WORLD. Especially since his so called "re-election".

    1. cc says:

      Liars, liars. That is one part of them…the rest are useful idiots who can't see past their noses.

  3. Can't believe Obama -increase taxs and give congress raises -we the people of America are

    the idiots for putting up with this -lets call our congressmen and demand they give the raise back

    iwhen it takes place in March this year!

  4. TerryH says:

    Krauthammer's misleading label of the chained CPI as a mere "technical" cut reflects what the Republicans liked about this attack on Social Security recipients: it'sa cut that doesn't sound like one.. Chained CPI would have locked retirees into a permanent spiral of poverty, basically, upping their cost-of-living only enough to cover the items that they are forced to buy when the items they really want are no longer affordable. When beef gets too expensive, it would give them enough to afford chicken. Eventually, when they're not given enough to afford chicken, they eat beans, then bread. Then cat food I suppose, if Republicans had their way.

    Clearly Krauthammer is right in the midst of the obfuscation effort, barely even alluding to what would be a major blow against the financial well-being of retirees. He's trying to keep the wool tightly over the eyes of retirees, something the Republican Party with its dependency on the elderly vote must do if it is to avoid the backlash from retirees it has earned.

  5. Dora says:

    Now we could use alot of HONESTY in MAINSTREAM media! Recently wrote a tweet to David Letterman over his heartache over ONE of obamas lies! Imagine that…1 lie! I asked him to do some research & find that obama has many lies & if in fact did some back tracking & research his heart would be broken!! Will he do it? Of course NOT! That is much to much to ask for for the American citizen that DO know the answers! That would take major balls!! Thank you Mr Krauthammer for stating what we already knew! Nice to hear it though from someone who is not afraid to speak the obvious. Oh & by the way….forget the petitions! Seems obama is going to write us a note in regards to the taking of our firearms….Oh, that's nice!

    Get on with phone calls to representatives & the house! Do these calls work? Probably not, but it makes me feel good to release & tie up thier lines!! 🙂

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