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PETA wins in court, but ‘it ain’t the New Year until the possum drops’

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possumEven though we made it past December 21, a theoretical “end of days” according to the Mayan calendar, I’m convinced the Mayans still have it in for us and are trying their level best to see that we don’t see 2013.

Dick Clark died on April 18 of this year, thus ending a tradition that has gone on for as long as I can remember — Rockin’ in the New Year.

Then last week, as the result of a ruling in a lawsuit filed by PETA — People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals — another longstanding tradition has bit the dust — The dropping of the possum.

According to Todd Starnes writing for Fox News, “New York City may drop a giant Waterford crystal ball on New Year’s Eve, but the folks around Brasstown, NC prefer their method – dropping a live possum.”

Noting that, “Citizens are prohibited from capturing and using wild animals for pets or amusement,” Judge Fred Morrison ruled against the city of Brasstown that holds the event and the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission that issues the permits, according to The Asheville Citizen-Times.

Thus a 19-year old tradition came to an end.

Local Clay Logan told Fox News he’s disappointed by the ruling.

“It’s just a lot of good, clean, family fun,” he said. “It seems like everybody always wants to jump on the clean family fun part. If we were all a bunch of drunks down here nobody would probably say nothing about it.”

Logan, who owns Clay’s Corner Store, is the the annual drop’s organizer.

Logan told Fox News the event will continue, albeit with modifications.

“It’ll either be a stuffed animal or road kill,” he said. “We’re not gonna break no laws.”

PETA argued in its lawsuit that the annual dropping of the possum was unnecessarily cruel. Logan disagrees.

“He’s (the possum) treated good.” Moreover, Logan felt the drop actually extended the possum’s life.

“Their destiny in life is to be run over,” he said. “So if you don’t get run over in 2012, I’ve extended his life to 2013.”

If they they decide to use road kill this year, I just hope it’s possum-road kill. After all, as they say in Brasstown, “It ain’t the New Year until the ‘possum drops”

Read more at Fox News.

The following video is from the 10th annual possum drop.


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