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Kahlberg: Happy New Year from Israel

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Kahlberg is reporting news and opinion from the front line of Israel:

While 2012 comes to a close in Israel, the Palestinians are making sure that not even one day goes by without some form of terror on their behalf.

Monday 31 December 2012 saw dozens of Palestinian youths hurling stones at IDF soldiers near the small village called Nili and near Ma’aleh Shomron. No one was injured in the incident but damage was caused to property.

As if this was not enough, an Israeli bus was fired at near the Beit Hagai south of Mount Hebron on Monday evening, again by only a sheer miracle no one was injured.

As 2013 approaches, peace with the Palestinians seems further away than ever before and serious debate on if peace will ever be possible with the Palestinians is a frequent topic leading up to the upcoming Israeli elections.

Michele Kirk


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