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Donald Trump on ‘cliff’: ‘Other countries are eating our lunch’

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While lawmakers in Washington are haggling over how to navigate the fiscal cliff, Donald Trump weighed in with his views on New Year’s Eve with Fox News.

“We have no leadership at many levels,” said Trump reacting to President Obama’s Sunday interview with Meet the Press. Trump noted that Obama was “condescending” in blaming Republicans for protecting tax breaks for the wealthy, rather than trying to set a positive tone to move the talks forward.

Trump explained that he “would rather go over the cliff and make the big deal” later on, instead of “kicking the can down the road” and not addressing the real spending problem facing the country.

“We get nowhere,” Trump said. “Other countries are eating our lunch.”

Saying lawmakers face a very important moment in the upcoming debt ceiling, Trump noted that Republicans hold more cards than they realize in shaping their negotiations.

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