VIDEO: You might be a gun control hypocrite if …

Mr. Colion Noir is known for his popular firearm reviews on YouTube.

After listening to liberals like New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the Hollywood crowd pontificate endlessly about the “need” for gun control while they enjoy life with their own armed bodyguards, he’s had enough.

In this video, he recites his list of indications that suggest you are a gun control hypocrite.


3 thoughts on “VIDEO: You might be a gun control hypocrite if …

  1. nancy herrington says:

    if you dont like other people owning guns for self defense then use yours to shoot your own home invader

  2. Joseph says:

    Your home is invaded and you complain the police took too long. You put "gun free zone " signs up and then wonder why you kids got shot up with no way of being defended.

  3. Good stuff… exept for the "If you've ever carried concealed"… what's with THAT?? LOL!!

    Tom O'Halloran


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