Take our poll: Who’s most at fault if the nation tumbles over the fiscal cliff and crashes?

John R. Smith, chairman of  BIZPAC, a highly respected business and political force in Palm Beach County since 1992, tackled the fiscal cliff issue skillfully in his article, Plunge off fiscal cliff may turn into a bungee jump.

He writes:

Increased borrowing will cause the U.S. debt limit to be violated again, and very soon. And, without action, it is likely that the United States will enter another recession in 2013. Why? Spending cuts hurt economic activity, and tax hikes hit businesses and individuals, negatively affecting disposable income, business investment and hiring.

Smith asks:

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17 thoughts on “Take our poll: Who’s most at fault if the nation tumbles over the fiscal cliff and crashes?

  1. Ted says:

    We, the voters are to blame. We sat by and let it happen. Listened, nodding blankly as the flimflamers from all sides slid their crappy adgendas past us. We are left with what is left. Many of the creators of the problems are gone. Out of office, dead or retired and now can say they are clueless. We let people not in office dictate to our representatives how they are going to vote, even though these legislators were our representatives. Obama, is just a politician. He is not the straw demigod that people who seem to focus some sort of black hostility towards him as an outrage that he was reelected. He was voted in because the other party put up bad candidates. Period. Couldn't get the product out of the bag. The voters have to get back in the saddle and make our government work for us. We have been out of the control of our political affairs too long.

  2. The American people in most cases have no idea of the person they put in office.

    They vote for there party.

  3. RUSerious says:

    Who's to blame? Dumb – Obviously the house republicans, only delusional republicans would say otherwise, duh!

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