Stuart Varney ‘uncomfortable’ with Piers Morgan’s denigration of America

Stuart Varney

Stu Varney on Piers Morgan: “I don’t think British people should come over here with that hoity-toity accent, talk down to Americans….”

Fox Business Network host Stuart Varney appeared on Thursday’s “Mornings on the Mall,” WMAL 105.9 FM, a Washington, D.C. station. During his interview with host Larry O’Conner and Republican strategist Sherri Jacobus, he weighed in on CNN host Brit Piers Morgan’s stance on gun control.

Varney, who is a former British citizen, said it made him “uncomfortable” to hear Morgan lecturing Americans as to how they should run their country and conduct themselves.

“It makes me very uncomfortable,” Varney said. “And I don’t think we should do that. I don’t think British people should come over here with that hoity-toity accent, talk down to Americans and tell Americans that there is something wrong with their society.”

Jacobus interjected, “The accent is the part we like, though.”

O’Conner said to Varney, who has a noticeable British accent himself, “You never do that, Stuart Varney. You never come across as hoity-toity. In fact you sound like a football hooligan or something.”

Varney, who hosts “Varney & Company” weekdays on Fox Business Network and is a frequent financial commentator on Fox News Channel, emphasized that he likes America as it is.

“[The accent] is associated with snobbery,” Varney elaborated. “The worst thing you can do is come over here with a British accent and talk down to people as you’re supposedly giving the news. I don’t think you should do that, period.”

“I want to go on the record: I love it here,” Varney added. “I’m happy here. I don’t want to change anything, OK?”

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5 thoughts on “Stuart Varney ‘uncomfortable’ with Piers Morgan’s denigration of America

  1. Andi says:

    Stuart…….I Love You! Now I understand why! You are an American and understand the way we think. Piers, on the other hand, is not American at heart……he just wants to take what he can while pretending to be a "friend" but I have decided that he is an idiot and I will not watch his show anymore nor will I support anything he is associated with.

    I was appalled by his tone with Mr. LaPierre from the NRA and could not believe his total unprofessional approach to the subject of gun control . having been inspired by the horrendous murders of the innocent children in Connecticut. A sane person sees that this was a mental health problem that our society is faced with today and we must figure out a way to control acquisition of weapons by unstable people. We should not look to punish responsible people who are protected by Our Fifth Amendment Right because we have lost control of how to deal with the mentally unhealthy people in our society.

  2. KB Cook says:

    any true American patriot would be at the least "uncomfortable" with Morgan's statements. Personally, I think we need to bring back tarring&feathering, followed quickly by being run out of town on a rail!

  3. Daniel says:

    Then we need less true americans, and more civilized people that make the country succed.

    I agree with Piers. The combination of widespread guns + [mental illness or people with drug problems + or people going through bad times or homeless people or criminals] is a terrible combination.

    Love live civilization and bright minds.

  4. ilse Dujmovic says:

    Daniel, you have it all wrong. Instead of taking guns away from our citizens we need to take all the meds away from the mentally ill. You see what you have missed is the one thing those serial killers have in common is the prescription drugs. And it starts with Riddelin. But I guess it is far easier to put kids on drugs than to watch their diet and take away foods that do funny things to them.

    Even the British, some Canadians and Australians are warning the Americans not to let it happen to them. In all the countries where they have outlawed legal gun ownership crime has increased.

    But you are just a parrot. You need to check for yourself. Open some history books before they are rewritten….They have tried and in some cases succeeded.

    "If you outlaw legal guns only the criminals will have guns."

  5. Chaim Paddaman says:

    Majority of criminal predators hunt for easy prey, criminals know unarmed citizens are easy prey.

    Piers Morgan and the Liberal anti-gun lobby wants law-abiding citizens to be sitting ducks for the criminal elements in society.

    Piers Morgan and the rich and famous Hollywood Liberal elite live in heavy guarded and gated communities. "I am alright Jack" is their motto.

    Protecting law-abiding citizens from crime is more important than protecting the civil liberties of criminals.

    How can Liberals claim to have empathy for victims of crime when they defend the rights of criminals.

    Piers Morgan must control his ridiculous exaggerated emotions. It is all about Piers Morgan. CNN is desperate to improve the poor ratings of his show. The Liberal World View makes no sense, it is very twisted.

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