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Stop apologizing for Judeo-Christian values

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In any dictionary, the word “fan” is described as “an enthusiastic devotee, rooter, aficionado and partisan.” This works in the sporting arena and should in the political world, too. But that’s not always the case. Take prospective Secretary of State John Kerry, who visited Paris in 1970 to swoon over our enemies, the Vietcong and North Vietnamese, while still an officer in the Naval Reserve. President Obama exhibited the same kind of foolishness on his trips to Islamic Cairo and Istanbul in 2009, apologizing for the West’s violations against Muslim communities.

In the war pitting Palestine and Islam against Israel and the Jews, we find the same scenario. This time, however, we see the crippling power of the Jewish apologists for the forces of Muslim evil. Groups like J Street, Americans for Peace Now and Rabbis for Human Rights, claiming to speak for mainstream Judaism, constantly shout down supporters of Israel with the chants of, “We are just as inhumane as they are!” Leftist rabbis say the Torah and Koran are on equal footing in spouting hatred for other faiths. When asked to give evidence of Jewish terrorists killing Muslims while shouting Torah phrases, these experts mumble words of nonsense.

We are in a stage of Western decline. Our religious and secular leaders cringe while Islam storms our gates of civility, freedom and religious tolerance. They hope to win over these forces of inhumanity with kindness, warmth and acceptance. All of these moves are treated as weakness, as bowing down to Islam’s superior beliefs and ideals. They are now at the gates. Do we swing the doors open for them, or do we send our forces out to do battle? Victory will come only when we awaken to the threat, shed the armor of words and replace them with swords and shields.

We’ve got to remain staunch fans of our Judeo-Christian values, the Constitution and our Western culture and believe that we are truly “the good guys.” Anything less is submission, which the Arabic dictionary defines as “Islam.”


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