Sheriff Arpaio establishing armed citizen posse for schools

“Sheriff’s posse” isn’t a term we hear often these days, except in Western movies, at county fairs and parades. But don’t tell Arizona’s Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio that. He’s busy deputizing a posse to help prevent crime in his bailiwick.

Ever since the tragic massacre at the Sandy Hook Elementary School, it seems that everyone has been voicing their opinion as to how to best avoid a similar occurrence. But while everyone else was talking, Sheriff Arpaio was doing.

His solution was to deputize an armed volunteer posse to watch the schools of Maricopa County and act as a deterrent to would-be bad guys.

“I have the authority to mobilize private citizens and fight crime in this county,” Arpaio said.

This isn’t a new idea for Arpaio. Using posses at area schools is simply an extension of an old idea for him. He been using posses since 1993 in shopping malls, especially during the holiday season, to great success..

“We’re not talking about placing the posse in the schools right now but in the outlying — the perimeters of the school — to detect any criminal activity.”


The following is a Phoenix KASW TV3 News report.


10 thoughts on “Sheriff Arpaio establishing armed citizen posse for schools

  1. Ted says:

    Sheriff Arpaio needs to retire. Just what you need. A bunch of volunteers running around schools with guns. Every "take your assault weapon to bed" gun lover will be coming out of the woodwork. Qualified deputies, trained in school protection, would be a good idea. This guy is a publicity hound. He should concentrate on his job in Arizona Maricopa County and leave the headlines alone. Its starting to look like some sort of addition.

    1. Ray Bib says:

      Liberal TED, In case you forgot, Sheriff Arpaio doesn't write the headlines…your liberal MSM "news" orgs do the "DRAMA" headlines!! If you got your news"stories" from other than CNN, ABC, etc, I betyou'll find the majority of the volunteers were formally retired police or retired military who were trained with defending the freedoms you enjoy with your big mouth. If more Police Chiefs were as creative as Joe, this country would be a much safer place…remember 95% of the recent shootings occured in "GUN FREE" zones(schools, colleges, etc, by deranged/evil people and NOT sane legal gun owners!!!

  2. Tommy Fore says:

    Cry Ted,Cry! You stupid sissy(democrat)!!!!

  3. Ted says:

    In case missed it, I said that trained deputies or police should have this duty in the schools. Volunteers can or can't liable for their actions. Sheriff Arpaio seeks the limelite. Think of the time he takes away from the job to pose for these videos and pics. He must have his own personal camerman and publicity office. I wonder if he has an agent. As far as the shootings are concerned. The vast numbers of people shot in this country for any reason is too far out ot wack to justify some sort of control measures. The Second Amendment was written when the most formidible personal weapon shot a miniball and used black powder. I personally think you ought to think about one of these "volunteers" goes home, maybe your neighbor, puts his assault rifle on his lape as he cradles it while watching TV. Its pointed through the wall at your house through the walls with a .223 AR15 round pointed right at you or your family with only the flick of a finger to let fly. Who will be whinning about some sort of controls then? Just so you also know. I am a combat veteran, trained completly in infantry weapons. I know what they can do. I also know what idiots can do with them.

  4. Taddle says:

    Statistically it is much more probable that you will shoot yourself than shoot a bad guy. A bunch of untrained volunteers is a sure path to disaster.

  5. kateinmacclenny says:


  6. kateinmacclenny says:

    Hey, Taddle, who says they're untrained???

  7. kateinmacclenny says:

    Heck, where I live everbody has a shotgun, AR, or handgun at the ready-no one gets shot, unless you want to shoot..

  8. Ray Bib says:

    Since U are so highly trained U know that the Sheriff won't use some neophyte or a Barnie Fife (TV-Andy G. show), but will use trained volunteers who know what damage a weapon is capable of doing….PS: He takes less time for Pics then Nancy P., Harry R. & the Messiah, BHO: those very knowledgeable weapons experts who call a "Sporting" rifle that is only semi-auto like many handguns & some rifles, an "ASSAULT" weapon, which is an automatic military weapon firing like a machine gun…of course being highly trained U already know that…but "ASSAULT" sounds so much more ominous than "sporting gun".

  9. Kevin Carpenter says:

    Ted, you show your ignorance of the Sheriff Posse. They are fully functional peace officers and not security guards. The posse has brought down crime in shopping malls around the holidays. This is why this guy is re-elected, because he is result-oriented. Does he get too much press? Probably. But I will take the "made for TV" shots if he gets the job done

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