David Gregory, under ‘felony investigation,’ scores interview with Obama

120405_david_gregory_605_ap-580x328You would think President Obama’s advisors, certainly Secret Service, would have him steer clear of David Gregory considering he is under felony criminal investigation for possessing a banned high capacity ammunition magazine, but no. Obama will sit with Gregory in an exclusive interview on the fiscal cliff on this Sunday’s “Meet the Press.”

Gregory was scheduled to be on vacation Sunday, but those plans are off as NBC welcomes Obama for only the second time since he’s been President. The president appeared back in Sept. 2009 to discuss health care reform, according to Mediabistro.

The “Meet the Press” website has the following splashy announcement:

This Sunday, at a critical time for the fiscal cliff negotiations, David Gregory sits down exclusively with President Barack Obama in the final hours before the deadline. We’ll hear directly from the president about where things stand and whether a compromise is possible. Plus, David will talk with him about other key issues facing the country as he prepares to begin his second term in office.

Neither NBC nor Gregory has issued a single statement on the police investigation over the illegal rifle magazine or the White House petition calling for charges to be brought against Gregory.  According to the WhiteHouse.gov website, a petition with 25,000 signatures in 30 days requires a response from the President. As of this writing there are just over 13,000 signatures. A few thousand more and maybe Gregory can start the interview by asking the President for his statement.

Actually, he may want to ask Obama for a pardon if he should get a felony conviction. Well, considering this is Obama’s first appearance in three years on “Meet the Press,” it seems a classic “wink, wink ‘atta boy” for NBC.

Maybe the Secret Service can assist D.C. Metro Police in taking Gregory into custody. I’d certainly tune in to see it.

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Sign the petition here:

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6 thoughts on “David Gregory, under ‘felony investigation,’ scores interview with Obama

  1. Tom Jones says:

    We need to abolish the secret service,they obviously are not doing their job.

  2. OhComeOn says:

    All the things we reject when an African American youth is charged with a gun crime are exactly what is being said in defense of David Gregory… he meant no harm… he didn't know it was wrong… somebody said somebody said it was okay… prove it was real.

    Sometimes the public must protect journalists from prosecution to protect their sources, or when they have no other choice, like testing metal detectors (how else can you know for sure but by a journalist putting something through?). Gregory had legal options… a picture or graphic would suffice… he could have taped the segment in Virginia or Maryland where the clips are legal… he didn't have to use a prop at all. (My God, when was the last time Meet the Press used any prop other than a book?)

    DC gun laws are strictly enforced… no exceptions… no excuses.

  3. David D. says:

    If he carrys a magazine, I wonder what else he's got in his pocket. The law is the law, but watch him skate.

  4. mad says:

    Let's get real! It was an empty magazine.

    Do we really want to waste police time on this silliness?

    1. GeoffB says:

      Are you operating on the assumption that David Gregory is the only person snagged by this and similar laws who isn't a threat to society and an enemy of the common good? Or are you suggesting that the law needs to be tightened up?

      If you're telling me David Gregory deserves special pardon because he's a journalist, I'd say that you've got a pretty scary idea of equality under the law. But if you're telling me that a law that applies equally to a gang-banger whose magazine is only empty because he just fired it off at pursuing police and an otherwise law-abiding citizen who posed no threat in his possession of the magazine is stupid and in need of repeal, I'm with you all the way.

  5. Percy says:

    If DG is just another one of the "little people", there never would have been any "time wasted" at arresting him. How about you, Mad, are one of their class?

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