Polls indicate Americans want their guns

gun storeTwo recent polls, released within days of one another, confirmed that although Americans may favor some sort of increased gun control, that does not include a ban on either assault rifles or handguns. In fact, those opposed to a handgun ban are at an all time high.

A USA Today poll, released Dec. 26, indicated that 60 percent of respondents favored strengthening gun control laws. 58 percent favored tougher laws in a Gallup poll released two days later.

Given the horrific events at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., these results are hardly surprising. But when it came to specifics, respondents overwhelmingly favored freedom over control.

When it came to banning the actual sale of weapons, respondents told a different story.

Both polls indicated that a slight majority, 51 percent, wanted to keep the sale of so-called “assault rifles,” legal. down two percent from a similar poll taken a year ago. 44 percent wanted such weapons banned.

When it came to the issue of handgun possession, respondents spoke loud and clear.

74 percent of respondents in both the USA Today and the Gallup poll opposed a ban on handgun sales, up one percent from a year ago, and an all time high — since 1959 — in the case of Gallup.

British CNN host Piers Morgan recently called for a constitutional amendment to repeal the Second Amendment right to bear arms. He also called for an amendment to the Bible in the interest of gay rights.

Given the results of both the USA Today and Gallup polls, he would have as much a chance of accomplishing either as he would of repealing the law of gravity.

Read more at USA Today and Gallup.


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