Polls indicate Americans want their guns

gun storeTwo recent polls, released within days of one another, confirmed that although Americans may favor some sort of increased gun control, that does not include a ban on either assault rifles or handguns. In fact, those opposed to a handgun ban are at an all time high.

A USA Today poll, released Dec. 26, indicated that 60 percent of respondents favored strengthening gun control laws. 58 percent favored tougher laws in a Gallup poll released two days later.

Given the horrific events at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., these results are hardly surprising. But when it came to specifics, respondents overwhelmingly favored freedom over control.

When it came to banning the actual sale of weapons, respondents told a different story.

Both polls indicated that a slight majority, 51 percent, wanted to keep the sale of so-called “assault rifles,” legal. down two percent from a similar poll taken a year ago. 44 percent wanted such weapons banned.

When it came to the issue of handgun possession, respondents spoke loud and clear.

74 percent of respondents in both the USA Today and the Gallup poll opposed a ban on handgun sales, up one percent from a year ago, and an all time high — since 1959 — in the case of Gallup.

British CNN host Piers Morgan recently called for a constitutional amendment to repeal the Second Amendment right to bear arms. He also called for an amendment to the Bible in the interest of gay rights.

Given the results of both the USA Today and Gallup polls, he would have as much a chance of accomplishing either as he would of repealing the law of gravity.

Read more at USA Today and Gallup.

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2 thoughts on “Polls indicate Americans want their guns

  1. Ted says:

    I wonder what the framers of the Second Amendment would think that their original proviso for their miniball and black powder firearms would morph into justification for what is basically light machine type guns for public ownership. When you talk about public ownership of some of these weapons, where is the line. "Assault weapon". Assault what or who? The poor deer or the rabbit, or rat or quail? Where does it stop? At what caliber? At the .50 caliber sniper rifle? The 40 mm grenade launcher? The 105mm howitzer? When you have so many people shot in the country from any source versus the tiny numbers in other countries, gun control or not, something is obviously wrong with the gun logic somewhere. I do think people should have their guns. I think maybe we should stop at the WMDs. Maybe.

  2. Quan says:

    That's funny, Michael. You are ready for prime time standup. Guns are now as natural as gravity! It is fascinating how numbers continue to be used to spin facts and spout false causality. It is natural that Americans believe in these rights. We are brought up with them. Why would we think differently now? As you indicated, Newton caused a shift, albeit ever so slight, but a ban is not likely to happen any time soon. That's not the tragedy. The tragedy is to think that somehow guns are essential to our existence simply because there is that right! Freedom of speech has been used to justify pornography. It does not make smut and it's antecedent consequences a right, and all of us still frown on our young people 's exposure to it … While the number of Americans watching it continues to rise. A victory over the silliness of a newscaster like Piers Morgan or Bill O'Reilly is hardly a victory, and at the end of the day, the nightmare of the dead children will not go away, no matter how you spin it. No, Michael, men and women of faith and conscience will attend their church services this morning, and they will not look at these deaths as a victory. I stand by your right, and I will say a small prayer for the callousness of your soul and the shallowness of your victory.

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