Mexico urges U.S. court to block parts of Arizona’s SB1070 Immigration Law

The Mexican government has implored a U.S. court to block part of Arizona’s controversial immigration law, SB1070.

Lawyers for Mexico asked the 9th Court of Appeals in Wednesday’s filing to uphold a current lower-court ruling that prohibits the police from enforcing the part of the statute that bans harboring undocumented immigrants, according to an jan brewer with Obama AP report.

The friend-of-court brief from Mexico claims the ban “harms diplomatic relations between the United States, undermines the U.S.’s ability to speak to a foreign country with one voice and encourages the marginalization of Mexicans and people who appear to be from Latin America,” writes Jacques Billeaud of the Associated Press.

“Mexico cannot conduct effective negotiations with the United States when the foreign policy decisions of the federal governments are undermined by the individual policies of individual states,” lawyers said in the brief.

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer asked the appeals court to reverse Judge Susan Bolton’s ruling on the harboring ban.

A spokesman for Brewer, Matt Benson, said that Mexico had no business interfering with a matter in U.S. courts, according to AP.

“Mexico’s own immigration laws are significantly more heavy-handed than anything imposed as a result of SB1070. Does the Mexican government believe the nearly identical U.S. federal law harms diplomatic relations between the U.S. and Mexico?” Benson said.

This is not the first time Mexico has inserted itself into U.S. immigration issues by legal means.  They were joined by 10 other Latin American countries to urge the courts to declare SB1070 unconstitutional in 2010. No other countries were included in the current filing.



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