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Gun owners get even with newspaper that targeted them

Tri-State area map
Tri-State area map showing locations of all Journal News reporters, editors and staff members

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Using the adage, “Don’t get mad, get even,” a New York Tri-State area publication is helping gun permit owners fight back after another New York area newspaper published their names and addresses.

In the wake of the tragic Connecticut school massacre, the New York-based Journal News took it upon itself to publish the names and addresses of all gun license owners in Westchester and Rockland counties under the headline, “Map: Where are the gun permits in your neighborhood?

The public outcry was both immediate and deafening. One especially notable comment was submitted by Gordon Thompson, who wrote “How about a map of the editorial staff and publishers of Gannett and Journal News with names and addresses of their families…”

On Wednesday afternoon, The Talk of the Sound, another area publication, apparently took Thompson up on his idea. It ran an article under the headline, “Map: Where are the Journal News employees in your neighborhood?”

It listed all Journal News reporters, editors and staff members’ names, addresses and contact information, together with a Google map of the New York Tri-State area indicating their locations.

According to Robert Cox, writing for The Talk of the Sound, “To create the map, Talk of the Sound submitted Google searches for the names and addresses of all Journal News employees in the New York Tri-State area. By state law, the information is public record.”

On a personal note, all this map publishing is getting a bit heady for me. I feel as though I’m watching one of those movies where a room full of people suddenly pulls a gun on each other.

Only in this case, the line of reason would go something like, “Okay, everybody just stay calm! Let’s slowly put down our MapQuests and talk this over!”

Read more at The Talk of the Sound.


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