Massacre victim defends gun ownership

Dr. Suzanna Hupp first gained national attention when she testified before Congress after her parents were shot and killed in a Texas restaurant massacre in 1991.

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin talks to Hupp who defends her right to carry a gun 21 years after the events that took her parents’ life.

This is Hupp’s Congressional testimony that first gained her public attention. “The Second Amendment is not about duck hunting,” she said. “It’s about our rights to be able to protect ourselves from you guys up there.”


One thought on “Massacre victim defends gun ownership

  1. Jerry James says:

    These gun control idiots must have been sucking the helium baloons and inhaled too much of it!!!! Got their butts in over their heads, brains are in their intestines, crap is in their heads, that explains what is coming from their mouths. Pure sh********,& lots of it.

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