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An imminent domestic nightmare

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Having come from Brooklyn, where there are no “cliffs” to be found, I had to travel out west to actually see one up close. But that magic word is being tossed around by our politicians like the scary fastballs that once flew out of Sandy Koufax’s left hand.

Obama wreck vintageWe are supposed to believe President Obama doesn’t want us going over the financial cliff. We are told his taxation of millionaires and billionaires will get us out of the $17 trillion hole he’s dug for us.

Let’s check some figures that continue to elude much of the general public. If a million millionaires were taxed an extra $20,000 a year, that would come to $20 billion in additional federal income — just enough to fuel Obama’s spending for about three days

Obama claims that if Republicans do not go along with his tax plan on the rich, he’ll take us over that “fiscal cliff.” In not negotiating in good faith with Republican leader John Boehner, Obama will permit the Bush tax cuts to expire on New Year’s Day, increasing the yearly tax burden on ordinary families by about $3,500. Mixed with the additional costs of Obamacare to the average citizen and small business owner, that would spell disaster for the economy and would lead to skyrocketing unemployment rolls. It would force the country into a depression that would make the Roosevelt era look mighty good by comparison.

About 47 million Americans are now receiving food stamps. When Obama took office in January 2009, that figure was 32 million. So we must ask the question that is in so many of our minds: Is Obama doing this as a calculated move to destroy our economy? Are his fumbling foreign policy moves coordinated with his disastrous domestic policies to reduce our nation to Third World status? What genuine, concerned leader walks away in the midst of crucial international situations and ignores the bombshell of an imminent domestic nightmare?

To get your answer, you’ll have to follow the official presidential jumbo jet squadron that recently ferried the first family and its entourage, including friends, media, security, armored golf carts, limos, exotic food, playthings and assault weapons to defend them all from violence.

The folks in Chicago should be so lucky.


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