Benghazi report blames victim, Ambassador Stevens

In Judge Jeanine Pirro’s “Opening Statement” Saturday evening, she analyzes the accountability review board’s findings on the Sept. 11 attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya

Her conclusion: “It’s no one in particular’s fault. It’s everyone’s fault. Although, it really might be Ambassador Chris Stevens’ fault.”

“It’s a classic defense move,” She said. “When the facts are against you — in this case, the White House — you blame the victim.”

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3 thoughts on “Benghazi report blames victim, Ambassador Stevens

  1. Michael nappi says:

    If you want to go down that road then I blame the American people the elected the inexperienceed self centered President. Obama has consistently put his own agenda ahead of what if best for the country. He was too involved in his re-election at the time of the Beghazi murders to "br bothered" with doing his job.

    This entire investigation is a continuence of the initial cover-up and it is just another crime against America done by the present administration.

  2. Mary Diaz says:

    That was such a despicable thing to say by the Wash.So I guess they were expendable since they knew what they were there for.Wow I dont think they were there to get killed and not have proper protection..So I guess the Whitehouse is off the hook again .Shame on them

    1. Lindola Thomson says:

      I'm so disillusioned by this administration that words just really can't explain…The Benghazi incident is just the tip of the iceberg, transparency??? Where is that?? Truthful??? Where is that?? We live in a generation of lies and finger pointing….the four men that died deserved better, they deserved to be protected in a foreign country, the fact that they weren't is gross negligence… one wants to claim it… one will except the blame for the death of these four men….they were expendable!!! How sick, what kind of people do we have in Washington? Certainly not truthful one's not one's that want to except blame, we have finger pointers, blame experts……head shakers, liars!!!!! This is what we have become and we admire it….the press blossoms with adoration for this President… makes me sooooo sick to see what is happening…to see a man that represents my country stand and apologize for us……tell Islamists we're sorry while we bury 4 innocent men….bow to those that no other President has ever bowed too…..supports the Muslim Brotherhood the radicals, the Palastinians as they bomb Israel and blame Israel for defending itself……what would we do if the bombs were coming here? How would he react then? Would he make a call and invite them to tea?? While innocent Americans died? Or would he get on tv and apologize for something that we might have done to upset them? Hillary and Obama made a tape of apology over Benghazi and sent it to the Muslim country…really?????? Four men laid dead and he apologized to them?? We upset them? PLEASE!!!! This is insane!!!!! I would hold noone up in Washington as a role model for my grandchildren….they are everything that a true American would despise…….name callers, finger pointers, not taking the blame for anything……God Help My Country……

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