Benghazi scandal brings ‘lambs to the slaughter’, Clinton, Obama escape scrutiny

Jon Scott hosted a panel discussion on Fox News Watch in an attempt to piece together the events surrounding the terror attacks in Benghazi on Sept. 11.

Panel members included Jim Pinkerton, American Conservative Magazine, Judy Miller, Fox contributor, Kirsten Powers, USA Today and Daily Beast columnist, Richard Grenell, former spokesman for the last four U.S. ambassadors to the U.N.

Powers remarked, “Hillary Clinton said the buck stops with her, and the president said the buck stops with him, and yet they’re the only two people who don’t seem to be taking any responsibility.”

Later, Grenell observed that not a single female Democratic senator spoke up in Susan Rice’s defense. “Not one.”


2 thoughts on “Benghazi scandal brings ‘lambs to the slaughter’, Clinton, Obama escape scrutiny

  1. Hold this administration accountable for Benghazi!They lied while these Americans died!!! I, Believe the truth to be that Ambassador Stevens discovered that the Obama administration was running guns & weapons to the Muslim Brotherhood(and maybe even to al-Qaeda,both in Syria & in Egypt. The Muslim Brotherhood the very group coming to power all across the Middle East…. The Muslim Brotherhood, is on the U.S. Terrorist list…. the Muslim Brotherhood is who Barack Hussein Obama sides with, deals with & negotiates with…..and this is what Ambassador Stevens found out and this is why he had to be silenced…. and this is why, all the lies & all the cover-ups had to be done!!!! Why weren't the last two men saved & Believed that help was coming? Because they were a liability & they knew the facts!

  2. Burlap Stevens says:

    It doesn't matter what they do. Sooner or later we are going to vet this foreign invader. They will NOT take America down. And soon, the women will wake up to the fact that 100 years of progress is threatened by the advancement of this band of morons who call themselves "the Muslim Brotherhood". Ultimately, it will be the Patriot Brotherhood that takes them down. We already have the facts, we just need to force some action now.

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