NY Governor Cuomo on guns: ‘Confiscation could be an option’

Andrew Cuomo

Andrew Cuomo: “Confiscation could be an option.”

In an interview conducted Thursday on WGDJ-AM, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said he will propose gun control legislation in the 2013 session, and everything will be on the table — up to and including outright confiscation of weapons.

Gov. Cuomo said: “I don’t think legitimate sportsmen are going to say, ‘I need an assault weapon to go hunting.’ There is a balance here, I understand the rights of gun owners.”

The rights of gun owners are laid out in the Second Amendment to the Constitution, and those rights have nothing to do with hunting. They have everything to do with protection of self and loved ones.

Continuing, Cuomo said:

“Confiscation could be an option. Mandatory sale to the state could be an option. Permitting could be an option — keep your gun, but permit it.”

Cuomo then went on to suggest that minimally, the state will institute a permit process for owners of semi-automatic “assault weapons.”

Here again I submit that the Second Amendment is the only “permit” citizens need for gun ownership. Certainly, we can lose our “gun permit” through criminal act or mental defect, but we need no permission from the state initially to purchase a firearm.

As for confiscation and mandatory buy-back of weapons by the government, this was tried by Australia in 2011, and the results are dismal.

Since Australia’s gun ban, armed robberies jumped 68 percent, assaults with guns rose 28 percent, gun murders are up 19 percent and home invasions increased 21 percent. The video below illustrates this.

Read more at the New York Times.


10 thoughts on “NY Governor Cuomo on guns: ‘Confiscation could be an option’

  1. KB Cook says:

    He apparently either hasn't read it or else he doesn't understand the 2nd amendment for what it was intended by our founders to preserve. He no doubt has sworn an oath to uphold and defend the same Constitution or one like it for his own state. What's that all about, eh?

  2. John says:

    I would expect this from New York, one of the most corrupt cities in the world!

    Then their corrupt government could do what ever they wanted to the law abiding citizens and get their payoffs from the crooks.

  3. OhioMan says:

    I suppose Cuomo should have his bodyguards give up their weapons, to lead by example?

  4. JT says:

    Confiscate our guns…Really?

    This clown needs to be kicked out of office!

  5. Rich says:

    Number of Americans incarcerated in 2009 in federal, state and local prisons and jails: 1 in every 99.1 adults, According to a national study, within 3 years almost 7 out of 10 released males will be rearrested and half will be back in prison. The US has the highest rate of recidivism in the world. We spend billions of dollars on the war on drugs yet hundreds of tons of cocaine come into our country every year. The United States ATF just armed the Mexican drug cartels with thousands of assault weapons in operation fast and furious. The drug cartels now have a strong presence in the US. How many thousands of weapons has our government given them that we don't know about? After 911 we eagerly gave away many of our constitutional rights without trying to get to the root of the problem. Now the media is in a frenzy. They are pushing for another knee jerk reaction. There are Americans demanding that guns be taken away from everyone. No one talks about the negative effect of violent games and movies on children who are isolated or prone to being a sociopath. They have desensitized millions of Americans. Communities have to come together to solve this problem not us going to the Federal Government for answers. Only law abiding citizens follow the laws. Folks, I see another knee jerk reaction coming.

  6. Hershel says:

    Confiscation???? He has been watching too much television. There is no National gun registration, nor is there a State required Registration in New York. Sooooo, if his police force has no record of gun ownership, how do they confiscate?? Door to door? And who pays for this door to door confiscation? I personally have a non restricted License to Carry a Pistol, signed by a Judge of The Supreme Court. of New York State. Is the Gov., going to walk all over a Supreme Court Judge? Or as someone ask earlier have his guards give up their arms? Silly, just silly!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. T.Paine says:

    Molon Labe (But start in Harlem first)

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