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How government regulated a burger stand out of existence

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Tam’s Burgers has been a South Central Los Angeles landmark for 30 years, providing jobs and adding to the local economy. But because of the business’s location in a high crime area, the police, zoning board and city council have aligned against its owner, Nick Benetatos, who took over the restaurant in the late ’80s after his father retired.

According to the video’s description, “Tam’s has withstood multiple recessions and even the 1992 LA riots.”

”When the markets were burned down, liquor stores were burned down, everything was burned down, people had nowhere to go, they came to us. We were handing out loaves of bread for free.” says Benetatos. “We have much love for the community. And the community obviously has much love for us.”

But through it all, Tam’s couldn’t withstand the regulatory powers of city hall, and so will soon be closing its doors. California’s public enemy number one is, after all, small business.

Meanwhile, California continues to sink further into the red.


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