Caught on open mic: Media slams NRA, praises Code Pink

While reporters were talking amongst themselves waiting for the daily State Department briefing, a hot mic caught them slamming the NRA, and gleefully praising Code Pink. The audio is difficult to hear, but their enthusiasm is clearly visible.  

One reporter criticized NRA Chairman Wayne LaPierre’s remarks about putting armed security at schools. “They [The NRA] basically said it’s [the CT shooting] everybody’s fault but ours,” said the reporter, and laughed about the “good guy with a gun, bad guy with a gun” comment being LaPierre’s “home run soundbite.”

A female reporter praised the Code Pink protesters for having large signs that blocked LaPierre’s head from being viewed by the cameras. She noted that code pink protesters “did a really good job.”

The group then mocked the security at the NRA event, saying they were “so unprepared” due to the fact the Code Pink protesters were even able to gain access. They also laughed about the “beefy suited guys” and said LaPierre was “probably packing”.

See the remarks being made here:



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