Prepare for emergencies, not the apocalypse

It’s December 21, and the world has not ended. That’s a good thing, because according to defense specialist Allison Barrie, in a study published Wednesday, only five of the 50 states have reached at least 80 percent in preparedness for full range of threats, including man-made, terrorism, biological or chemical, random acts of violence, infectious disease outbreaks and a host of others.

Barrie notes that states that scored lowest have had the highest funding cutbacks. While recent hurricane and tornado disasters have heightened awareness, once the tragedy passes, complacence returns.

As for the end of the world, Barrie says that the military has unraveled many of the theories of disaster and sees the day as “business as normal”. It should be viewed the same as Dec. 31 on our paper calendars, “when you hit Dec. 31, you go out and buy a new calendar,” she said.

“So the Mayans just ran out of space on their calendar,” said Jonathan Hunt, host of In The Hunt on Fox News. “Lesson really, be prepared for emergencies, but don’t be prepared for the apocalypse, because it’s not coming,”

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