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Disgusted Hannity confronts atheist over ‘dump the myth’ billboard

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American Atheists president David Silverman and Sean Hannity “got into it” over an ad the atheist group put up for the holidays in New York City.

The giant inflammatory billboard ad reads “keep it merry, dump the myth,” and features a split screen picture of Santa Claus and Jesus.

“You want to insult people. You want to stick them in the ribs on their holiday,” said Hannity. “You just want to be rude and narcissistic and mean.”

Silverman said the ad was targeted to a population of atheists that are “in the closet.” It’s meant to help them stand up to the pressure of society to conform around the holidays he explained.

The exchange ended with Hannity wishing his guest a “merry christmas,” to which Silverman promply responded “happy holidays, Sean.” The tension was thick, but at least they kept it civil.



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