Disgusted Hannity confronts atheist over ‘dump the myth’ billboard

American Atheists president David Silverman and Sean Hannity “got into it” over an ad the atheist group put up for the holidays in New York City.

The giant inflammatory billboard ad reads “keep it merry, dump the myth,” and features a split screen picture of Santa Claus and Jesus.

“You want to insult people. You want to stick them in the ribs on their holiday,” said Hannity. “You just want to be rude and narcissistic and mean.”

Silverman said the ad was targeted to a population of atheists that are “in the closet.” It’s meant to help them stand up to the pressure of society to conform around the holidays he explained.

The exchange ended with Hannity wishing his guest a “merry christmas,” to which Silverman promply responded “happy holidays, Sean.” The tension was thick, but at least they kept it civil.


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13 thoughts on “Disgusted Hannity confronts atheist over ‘dump the myth’ billboard

  1. The Mayans were right, this world is over.. Our lives will never be the same !

    We have a faithless president , A new world order United Nations , We've lost prayer in schools, They want God out of the Pledge of Allegiance and Him completely eliminated from our society .

    Our Administration and these Godless groups impose their opinions on us and we have to let them because of the 1st amendment , We can all agree to disagree, However, The last 4 years are proof that we will lose everything we hold dear, We will never be free to condemn Terrorism , We never have the right to defend ourselves or the right to bear arms, We never see the days of honest voting and we have lost our self respect, integrity and courage to fight back where evil lurks.

    1. John says:

      Right on brother! Let´s bring back Christianity into government. We need to obey the Ten Commandments. There is only 1 god – not three in one(1st Commandment). Make it illegal to put up nativity scenes with images of Christ (2st Commandment). Let´s stop saying Merry Christmas (Christ´s Mass is a Roman Catholic term) in vain (3nd Commandment). No more Christmas shopping on Saturday (4rd Commandment). Put children to death who do not honor their parents (5th Commandment). No more just wars or death penalty (6th Commandment). Stone adulterous televangelists (7th Commandment). Tax churches for using public services without paying any taxes (8th Commandment). Censor preachers who witness to false doctrines (9th Commandment). Stop all advertising that makes us want to buy (10th Commandment).

      And while we are at it, let´s have prayers in all schools and religion classes too. We should ban the heretics from public life. Put the unbelievers to death like in the good ol´dark ages! Forget science, evolution, and the internet. Who needs all those egg-heads! Let´s be like little children (ignorant) and live happily ever after in our new theocracy*.

      * However, this has to be MY version of Christianity and not yours which is heretical!

    2. DerpolliSauce says:

      I can't quite tell, but this man sounds a little umm… I don't know… paranoid?

  2. Brian Westley says:

    marianscirrotto, you're paranoid.

  3. Joseph Jr. says:

    This guy actually mentioned" the magic man in the sky". I wonder if he has read the book? It nullifies Atheism. I watch a lot of these lost souls on the History Channel. They are willing to believe that all the religions on earth are a myth but believe that "Aliens " are real. They can't believe in a God they can't see but believe in Alien they can't see.

    The book is titled"The Magic Man In The Sky" by Carl Gallups. It is well worth reading. All you so called Atheists should read it also. Most of the science world believes that the universes and earth had to be "intelligent design". The odds that things turned out as they did is beyond comprehension. I understand that Sean Hannity has to report news and this is news but giving this fool the time to spew his beliefs that life on earth is humans high point. I would love to see this so called Atheist on the street not mortally wounded by he thinks he is. I bet anything that he would be praying to God to live. He is a fool. Putting a poster in a town in New Jersey about Islam being fake is not quite equal to doing it in Time Square.

    1. John K says:

      The history channel stopped being about actual history a long time ago. Most atheist don't beleive in aliens they just like the idea that it is a posiblity that the universe is teeming with life. As of yet there is no evidence of aliens so I have no belief in them.

    2. John K says:

      Who are these "Most scientist" you are talking about? That statement is proof positive that you know nothing of what you are talking about.

  4. Rena Watters says:

    to all of the atheists, it's okay if you don't believe in God because HE Believes in you. I have known Jesus my whole life and I fall short of His grace every day. I have tried to imagine my life without Him and it is beyond my comprehension. I will leave ya'll with these questions; If we evolved from apes, why aren't humans still evolving from apes? Where is that big puddle of prymordial ooze humanity was supposed to have crawled out of? The Big Bang Theory seriously? I will believe in my God all the days of my life, He has comforted me and seen me through trials and made a way for everything to be okay where I saw no way. I will pray for those that don't believe in God as I have a peace that they probably do not.

    1. DerpolliSauce says:

      "If we evolved from apes, why aren’t humans still evolving from apes?"

      If Americans have come from Britain, Why are there still no Americans coming from Britain? You don't understand evolution. Do your research.

      "The Big Bang Theory seriously?"

      Yeah, whats your point?

      " I will pray for those that don’t believe in God as I have a peace that they probably do not."

      It takes an atheist to know an atheist. You aren't me. I know what i feel. I have friends and family, and I experience love every day of my life. You have no right to judge me.

  5. Ron Jackson says:

    Why are people so worked up and concerned about some one they do not believe exist. Shows the true nature of man and that God truly exist even in the hearts of Atheist.

  6. Shadowram says:

    Many things about religion does not make any sense or straight out ticks me off. For instance, according to the bible, all people are born with sin, So when the Westbrough baptist freaks say god is punishing the children of Newtown and they deserved to die, all "Christians" have no choice but to agree, it is after all what their bible says. There are no innocents according to your religion.

    I bed to differ, those kids and teachers were innocent and killed by a mentally unstable people, it was not the will of God, or him working in mysterious ways or Jesus calling the children home…. I am so glad I am an Atheist and not bound by stupid precepts like

    In the immortal words of Steven Weinberg

    "With or without religion, good people can behave well and bad people can do evil; but for good people to do evil — that takes religion."

  7. bubba says:

    christians have the right to to believe in it..too bad if it offends muslims,atheists or other religions..perhaps these people need to bug out..what if we put billboard atheists are butt holes..would they like that ??or muslims and other religions..go back to your own country..how would this sit with them..probably not to well..so leave the christians live their life ..other religions live your life..

  8. Jan says:

    This billboard will be one of lasting memories I will have from my visit to New York. This billboard made me sick to my stomach. My daughter pointed out just how stupid these people are who are behind the billboard. Obviously the forgot Santa Claus originated from Saint NIcholas!!!!

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