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Administration spends $500 million to ‘racially diversify’ medical research grants

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Medical researchWhile Defense Secretary Leon Panetta is struggling with a shrinking defense budget and our foreign missions are left defenseless due to lack of funds, the Obama administration is spending $500 million to “racially diversify” the medical field.

The National Institute of Health, which provides federal grants for medical research, concluded that from 2000 to 2006, black researchers were 10 percent less likely to receive medical research grants than were whites and hispanics. These findings were the result of a study it conducted last year to “learn more about the challenges facing the scientific community,”

“The results of this study are disturbing and disheartening, and we are committed to taking action,” said NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins in the report.

And take action they did. Just as government studies always lead to reports, reports generally find their way to become initiatives. This is no different.

It became “An Initiative to Increase the Diversity of the NIH-funded Workforce,” which was announced this month and will cost the taxpayers a half billion dollars to implement.

Has anyone in government considered what our foreign mission in Benghazi, Libya could have done to beef up its security with just a fraction of that sum?

Read more at Judicial Watch.


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